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Tuesday, October 4, 2005


Hi there!!
It's been awhile...gomen!!*bows*
I hope you're doing great!
Cuz I am!!^____^*big grin*

Just got back from P.E.!
I wan't too enthusiatic about it,but I really had fun^^And now,I'm full of genki...-ness....o_O
Ok,I'm not hyper,just really energectic and cheerful!!..lol^^;
I got out 1 stop before my usual bus stop and walked...it was way too hot in the bus and it felt good!Usually,when I walk back home,my brother would always be ahead of me...really far ahead..I'm a slow walker^^;...I catched up to him^^Kudo*s to me!heheheh^^;

Anyway,I would like to apologize if I didn't get to your site for the last few days!*bows*

Have to catch up with my English HW....

A new layout will be up soon^^
A Gundam SEED Destiny layout...because last Friday was GSEED Destiny's season finaly!!!!!!
Can't wait til Febuary!!!GSD 40 min. OVA!

I'll visit you guys tonight!!!

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