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Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Hi everyone!!!
How was your day??

In P.E. I ran 3 minutes more than last time^^!!!Huha!!!

Got to do English HW and Math..>_>;;

When school was over,I was kinda late...so the bus was full!!!
So,I walked to the back..and there was this lil 9th grader,sitting on the bench,taking the whole place like it was his sofa or something..Feh!
So,I asked him if I could sit there..and he shooked his head!!
So,I asked the guy behind him the same question and he say no!!With a freakin' smirk!!!And this other guy just laugh!!!!
Bravo!!Wow,really,how mature...Feh!
I didn't say anything..just kept walking toward the last seats and I asked this other guy if I could sit,he looked like he was hesitating..FOR GOD SAKE!!!!Then,he finally moved over,went to the last seat with his friend...*sigh*Some ppl can be so rude...>_>;;

Oh well,here's a pic that can cheer up any girl^_~It's Abarai Renji,the vice Captain of the 6th Division from Bleach!!!One of my fav. character!

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