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Sunday, September 18, 2005

New layout^^

Hi there!!
*sigh*It's Sunday..v.v
Hope your day is going well so far..is it??

Kyyaaaah,tomorrow's my Senior year book photo...T-T
I don't my picture taken..>_>;;
I always look hmm..awkward..o_O

Oh,last week,all of the senior student had to go outside in front of the school to have a group picture...we're about 500 seniors,outside,pushing each other so that we can be in the pic..@_@;;
I thought I was going to be runnover by ppl..lol
The photographer was on the roof and he took his sweet time before actually taking the pic,sheesh...

Well,I decided to do a Bleach theme..since I haven't done previously...
I was hesitating to whether put D-Technolife(by UNDERworld) or Houkiboshi(the song currently playing)...

I didn't want a busy background,something simple...
I couldn't find the character profile sketch of Kisuke(my fav. chracter^^)..so,Ichigo it is!!
But my date banner features the witty Kisuke-kun!!!..lol..=^.^=

I finished my novel that we had to read for French class in 1 day!!!
Wow,it's a record for me!!!!!
The novel's called The Giver.
God,very interesting!
Now,I must write an essay and make a sociogram...a metaphoric sociagram or whatever...^^;

Gomen,for the long post*bows*

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