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Friday, September 16, 2005


Hi there!!!
How's your day been??

Heheheh,I'm at school right now,in my Web and graphic design class^^

We're learning HTML basic..well,everyone else is learning..I'm just practicing.lol^^;

I'm on my own,trying to make entry form...

Kyyaaa!I haven't updated my other site(the one on Freewebs)...^^;
Gomen nai!*bows*

But I added more codes in the EternalFaction section^^

Now,I'll just have to finish the summaries for Fruits Basket chapters 103,104 and 105..and so on..and have to scan some manga pages..^^

I'll try to change my layout soon...what theme shall it be??
Any suggestions?What would you like ot see and most important...what would you like to hear??!!For the bg music...
1-Random angel
music:Heaven(by DJ Sammy)

2-Stellar Loussier
music:Shinkai no Kudoku

3-Inu Yasha(or any other characters from the anime)

4-Inu Yasha(or any other characters from the anime-I didn't cope&paste it,I actually rewrote it!!!Kudos to me..lol)
music:No More Words

5-Cagalli Yula Atha
music:Precious Rose

6-Sting Oakley
music:Eden of Necessity

7-Auel Neidler
musci:Pale Repetition

*long sigh*lol^^;

Does anyone know the manga series called Angel Sanctuary??By the amazing Kaoru Yuki,my idol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well,the serie has been turned into a 3 episode anime...(a long time ago)
There are no other episodes!!!!!Right??!My friend believes that there are more....
The OVA is 3 episodes long condensing volumes 1 to 4(half og 4) and that's it!
But she says otherwise...o_O???
Are there any more episodes that came out??!!!
From what I know..no...*sigh*

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