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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

What a hot day...^^;

Hey everyone!!!
Hope your day was a good one^^

Lots of HW..argh!

Got P.E tomorrow..must run around the football field for 15 mins..@_@;;Going to die..I'll probably be able to run for 10 mins...

Kyyyyaaaahh!Only 3 more episodes of Gundam SEED Destiny left!!!

Speaking of GSEED..for Halloween,my friends and I might going to cosplay as the cast of Gundam SEED and GSEED Destiny...I'm probably cosplaying as Lunamaria,maybe Stellar or Lacus ..if I have the money..and if I ever get the costume done,I'll probably wear it to a con...eh,who knows..

If I have time,I'll change my layout this week-end...
I'll try to make it really different...lol
Cagalli or Stellar..hmm..*ponders*

In web and graphic designing class,I have to make a little webbie using FTP,so that's cool..I always wanted to try out FTP..it's alot easier when changing layouts...I want to learn PHP also...
And later on,we'll be making animated GIF and all sort of graphics^.^

Our school bought 198(I think) new computers,so that there'll a comp. in each class room and in the hallways...

Here's a cute pic of Goku from Saiyuki!!!!I know..totally random..>_>;

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