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Sunday, September 4, 2005


Hi there!!
How's your week-end so far?

WootWoot!!!The hospital allows my dad to come home for a day or 2..to relax and all^___________^

I was suppose to go shopping with my friend,but she has to go with her family..and I didn't want to butt in...^^;
Oh well,another time^^d

I still haven't had my P.E. class..everyone says the teacher I got is really cool..I saw him once..he scared me to death!!!!!He burst out of a class room and started singing...WTH???!!!o_O???Crazy person....>_>;;...but he seems very nice!^___^

Oh yes..I hate my Art teacher!!!!!!!!!
I had her for 2 years and now I'm stuck with a old crazed hobo!!!!-He dressed like a hobo and his mustache is like yellow..first,I thought it's because he smokes..but his fingers aren't yellow..he must had bleached it or maybe it's natural...
At first,I liked him..he talked about himself..I respected his point of view and values and such..but he says stuff and doesn't back it up!!!!!!!!!!!What a hypocrite!!!!!!!!!
He says he respects people..and then he was bad-mouthing others...God!!!!!!!!He's rude too...
And man,he loves to preech!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What comes out of his mouth is like crap...what a psycho!!

When taking the attendents,you have to put a check next to your name and if you're late,you have to write a "R"(for "retard" French for late)...He always "greets" at the door...so I said "Hi sir!" and he tells me and my friend to put a R next to our name!!!!!!!!!!WTF??!!!!!!!!!!!
We weren't even late the bell didn't even rang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Then he says that the bell doesn't work...
2 minutes after my friend and I sat down..guess what?The bell rings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Feh!!!
And then he had the nerves to say that he expects students to arrive 3 to 5 minutes before the bell as sign of respect...What a load of crap!!!!!!And god,the new class room is at the other side of the school!!!!!!!!!!
From my locker,I have to go to the second floor,cross to the other dorm called "Renaissance" and then take a stair case to go back down...Feh!!!!!!

Anyway..my computer was acting up lately..now,everythings fine!!!^________^I can open windows and programs!!

[Gundam SEED Destiny Phase 46:Song of Truth]
SPOILER!!!!!Well,for those who haven't seen this episode anyway..not much of a spoiler if you don't watch GSD..^^;
Wow!!!!!!!!What an episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here's are some screencaps(taken by me with RealPlayer version10)Click on the thumbnail to view larger pic!

It's great to see an epi. involving daily life..outside the battlefield...
Here you see are Lacus,Meyrin,Kira and Athrun going shopping..how cute!!!!!!!!

I knew Meer was going to die sooner or later(I would prefer later..but that would remind me of Flay's death..^^;
It's weird to see how Meer looked before her Lacus transformation...

Meer dies by saving her idol,Lacus-sama...

**Note:Meer is bad at English..Look!

Wonder where she got her red Haro who speaks in English..bad grammar...

Gomen for the long post*bows*

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