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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

   Teachers are on strike...again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi there!!
WootWoot!!No school!!!
It's been rainning like crazy and the power went out...!@_@;;

[EDIT]The power's back after an hour^^[/EDIT]

My mom made me called the electricity company..to know whenthe power will be back...shheesh...lol

Yatta!New layout!
I know I said it was going to be Stellar..but my sister wanted us to do a theme together..so it's Momiji Sohma!!Kawaii lil usagi!!!

But i'm having problems with the music...>_>;;

[EDIT]The music's fine now..though my pop-up enter script doesn't work on MyO!!T-T[/EDIT]

It's supposed to be Mimi-kun(my nickname for Momiji^.^lol)'s song...he and Tohru sang when they went to the Onsen..."Teru Teru Momiji!".

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