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Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Hi there!
How's everyone day??o_O

Today's the first day of school..and it will be my last year of High school.."Huha!"to that!
God!!!It was so boring..no activities..NOTHING!!!All because of the teacher strike(that's been going on since last year...).
So,tomorrow,NO SCHOOL!!!!!^.^

But is was great seeing my friends again!They all gave me presents for my bday.
Élyze and Valery gave me a bookmark with my name on it and vol.1 of "Negima!".A serie by the great mangaka who created Love Hina..Ken Akamatsu!
Genevieve[she's also a MyO member:Chilie] gave me a cute portfolio and a pack of prismacolor pencils..hehehe,I needed new ones.
Oh,BTW..It's Genevieve's Birthday tomorrow!!!!!^.^

I need to get her a present...but I'm..almost..broke..lol..^^;

I have homework in English...argh!

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