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Thursday, August 25, 2005


Hi there!
How's everyone??

Sorry if I wasn't able to visit you!!*bows*I've been working on my other site...My site on Freewebs has been updated!So,feel free to check it out!

Random thought:I honnestly wanted to start off my post by saying something that goes like this:"Now my life consist of counting potatoes on the web..."You must be going "WTF?!!o_O"...hehehe..I was refering to a Neopet game...
But when you think about..there's a small-if not,even bigger- profound meaning..almost witty...
I'll explain...*ahem!!cough..clears throat*...*glares from side to side*...
Got to clue!^___^d*YOSH!*
Heheheh..how pathetic!..
That's quite troublesome..but my wannabe-mangaka intuition is telling me that there is a hidden meaning...hmm..*ponders*..how troublesome...
Well..it kinda reflects our current life style..in today's society...

Gomen..heheheh..forget what I just said..I just need to babble out some nonsense...which at some cases scares people...
I find interesting to see how people would react to such ramble...it tells alot about that person whom you asked those sort of things,ne?
Aaaaah!!!Fine pearls of wisdom<--don't pay attention to that..lol

Here's a scene caption from Fruits Basket...You,ll understand what I'm saying(refering to the above)..not really..^^;

Shigure:I'm about to wet my pants!*opens bathroom door*
Hana: Didn't you see the cleaning sign?
Shigure:Ah, sorry sorry.
Hana:I'm cleaning this right now.
Shigure:I'll do it really quick...
Hana:They say you can understand how an electric wave flows by watching how water flows. There is a reason for that. You know that 60% of the human body is composed of water, don't you? In other words, minus the flesh, humans are only water. Despite that, I think people underestimate miso too much. The real fault is being inexperienced by having an obsession with eating...
Shigure:*slams door*


Gundam Talk:
You must know by now that Bandai has licensed Gundam SEED Destiny,right?If not..you must have been living under a rock..or like a hermit or ascete...or that you just don't care cuz you're not much of a Gudnam fan...^^;

Well,certain names have been dubbed...
I only know 1 name actually that has been changed.
And it's Stellar's...>. Dub:Stella
Close enough..same meaning..not the same nice ring tough!!!
Stellar..it's just prettier,it has a very nice ring to it...T-TWhy Bandai or Blue Ocean(dub corp.)??!!!

Well,I'll be going school shoping for my sis's books...

Gomen for the long and random post!!!*bows*

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