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Saturday, August 20, 2005


Hey you all!!!!
I hope your day was good...^^

It rained..T-T

Otou-san went for another operation..They've already found a donator for a new liver..wow so soon!He's so lucky..my dad only had to wait for about a month...
My mom went to see this morning and after the operation..the doctor and nurses all said that the operation was a complete succes!!!Everything went perfectly...my dad's very fortunate!!

Though..it's too bad that my dad won't be at home for my sister(Sweetrose)'s birthday..T-T

My bro,sister and I went shopping for back-to-school while my mom went to the hospital..so my uncle drove us..and I had to baby-sit my cousin...wootwoot...^^;
I wanted to buy new prismacolor pencils..but I'll wait..since I don't have that much money on me and I wanted to buy manga..I bought 2^_______^
And I don't really need new school supply..I'll just reuse my old binders and such..actually I don't even use binders..I would just put all my papers in my school manual...hehehe..Most of my teachers go crazy went I do that..but hey,it saves money and I don't have to carry alot of stuff..lol(God,I'm lazy..^.^)

I posted my new Lunamaria fan art..so if you would be so kind and comment and even vote..either one would be deeply appreciated!!!^____^*bows*

Big news for Canadians who watches YTV;Up coming animes:
-Naruto(yay!!It's not called Ninja Academy!!!)
-Yu-Gi-Oh GX(WootWoot!..well,compared to the original..it's not all that..)
-MewMew Power(Tokyo MewMew)
-Ghost in the Shell:Stand alone Complex(WootWoot!)
-Zatch Bell
-Pokemon Chronicles
-Avatar(never heard of that show..o_O)

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