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Thursday, August 18, 2005

   Hi there!

Huhah to everyone!
lol,I have no clue what "Huha!" mean..but what floats your boat..^__^d

I'm in a cheery mood..lol

Yesterday,this this delivery truck(it has a logo of a flower shop) came and game us this HUGE fruit basket with chocolate and cookies...Wow!!!
It's a gift from all of my dad's co-workers!!!God,they're so kind!!!!
We weren't able to visit my Otou-san today..so,we'll go tomorrow and bring him the present and he'll might be able to get out tomorrow.hopefully^_____^

I still have another week of freedom til school...*Huha!* for that!

I added the lyrics to Shine We Are! in my intro..I'll have to fix it to get the timing right..^^;
Have you notice that the lyrics changes color?Sugoi,ne?
I was fooling around with codes and got that result..lol
Don't exactly know how I did though...^_____^

Is anyone a member of Minitokyo.net
I'm a member for awhile now...but I wasn't very active on that site..too busy with MyO and such...
Anyway,I went through the site and they have a pretty good scan gallery...but you have to be at level 10 to be able to downlaod them..>_>;;..nothing's easy..*sigh*..
So,yesterday,I started posting my art and wall. and I'm at level 9 now..Huha!

My comp is acting up...I can open a window..and most of my programs..weird..so,I have to open my MSN and click to go to my e-mail..and blabla..so that a window will open...
So,I can't use my scanning program..so you'll have to wait for awhile to see my Lunamaria fan art...Gomen..

Speaking of fan art,I'm working on a Stellar Loussier,Meyrin Hawke and Aisha pic..

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