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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

   China Town!!!!!

Hi there!!!
Ogenki kai??

I was looking for Stellar's image song...but the files were so huge!!!I was able to find one that's 5.47 MB..not bad..but if I ever put on my site(which I will..eventually...must do Cagalli,Lacus,Saiyuki,Bleach,Heine,Waltfeld X Aisha layout first..but I'll probably change my mind..lol)

I really like my lil *star cursor..lol
Have you notice that it blinks/shines/sparkles..o_O...everytime you hover over a link(hover over..lol)
I could save the sparkly star cursor..cuz it's a cur file...so,I save the plain one and use a code to make it sparkle..hehehe^.^

Yesterday,I went to my old Junior High school..God,if I could,I would try to avoid steping into that infernal hell/prison...lol
But my mom made me go,cuz she can't speak French well..>_>;;
And she kept nagging me...Argh!!!
She always ask why am I afraid to go ask ppl questions..it's not that I'm afraid..I just don't want to bother them with stupid questions..

My dad's operation's went well..
I'll be visiting him today..so if I can't make it to your site,I'm deeply sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*bows*

The hospital where he's staying,St-Luc,is close to China Town..so,hopefully..I might be able to go to some shopping...Yatta!Pocky sticks by the dozen!!!!!^_______^

Oh!I'm working on a Lunamaria Hawke fanart..though..it's been awhile since I haven't drawn anything besides anime..so,I decided to draw her in a more realistic style..though,I still gave it a anime feel...

I can't wait to see Phase 44:Two Lacus...hehehe,the title says it all..^____~
Well,I just listended to the new song from FictionJunction YUUKA(she sang Akatsuki no Kuruma)-
Honoo no Tobira which translate to Door of Flame..honoo means Flame,right?..

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