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Monday, August 15, 2005

   New layout^^

Hi there!
Ohayo gozaimasu!!!*waves^___^*

I wasn't suppose to change it until a later on..but since I had nothing to do...need to get a bette social life..I know..*sigh*lol

Well,since my sister loves Hello Kitty..decided to make a layout out of Sanrio characters...
And it's Nyago,the sleeping neko-san..hehehe..he's so cute!
But my fav. character's Pochacco!!

Aahh,I remember..when I was little..I would TRY to wake up every Saturday morning at 7 O'* to watch Kitty and Mimmy show..lol

Who's your fav. Sanrio character?

I love stars..that's why this theme involves hoshi...
As you may notice..there's sparklin' hoshi's every where..lol
And that's why I chosed the song "Shine We Are" by BoA(I love her music!!)...

Heheheh..I made up that lil quote on my wallpaper..^^;
"In my dreams,I shine like a star,so let me sleep!"..lol

I hope you like this theme^____^

I added a counter...to see how many ppl are on my site..lol(don't know why I'm laughing..o_O)

Kyaaaahh!!!!Only 7 more episodes of Gundam SEED Destiny!!!
And the new E.A. trio are very interesting..lol

Still praying for my Otou-san for a good recovery..

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