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Sunday, August 14, 2005


Hi there!
Genki kai?

I just listened to Auel Neidler(GSEED Destiny)'s image song called Pale Repetition and Sting Oakley-Eden of Necessity,both from the Suit 7 CD.Very good songs^^

I found the song I as looking for-Cagalli's image song,Precious Rose-!!!I love this song..fits Cagalli so well..and it's the first time I hear Naomi Shindou(Cagalli's seiyuu)sing..never heard her sing before with her othre character roles..Sugoi!
Thanks for all the music site suggestions...
I foud the song at a AsuCaga(Athrun x Cagalli coupling) shrine:Here!

So,I extracted the mp3 from the winzip file,host it and thank god!The file as under 5 MB(you see,any file bigger than that will take too much time to upload..so,it's kina useless to use that as a background music...and it takes less web space^_~)!

So look for a Cagalli Yula Atha theme in the near future...it will be my first time doing a Cagalli layout on MyO..^^

I'm working on my other..finally..so expect chapter 102 to be up soon and I'll work on my Mabudachi Trio page not only that it will have my banners for the club-Super Handsome Blossom Trio-I'll also include character profiles.

And I have to organize the fanlistings that I've joined..must get all the URL's...>_>;;

My dad won $200 in the lottery^_^
And speaking of my Otou-san..he just left..for the hospital..I think he's having an operation..he has liver problem...now,I'm all worried..T-T
All,I can do his pray for a good recovery...

My sister's bday is in 8 days^____^
Must think of a gift..hmm,she likes The Sisterhood of the Traveling pants book series..I should buy her the new tome that came out...or maybe the latest vol. of Tsubasa...*ponders*

Oh,and I added my Mankin wall(the one I'm using on my layout)..now I must add my Yzak Jule walls..

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