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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

   hmm...*thinks of a title*..o_O

Hi there!
How are you all doing today?

I didn't have the chance to work on my site on FreeWebs...
If I don't get the chance again...would you like me to post chapter 101 of Fruits Basket and some scans here on MyO?

I'm happy that you guys like my fan art!

Do you guys like my current song"Trust You"?..I find it a bit annoying that the song doesn't have a control panel...since my music file is a rbs.file..I can't use it in an embed tag...*sigh*..I'll try to figure out how to conver it into mp3..while trying to keep the file small!!!!*sigh*..

Alot of people Pm to know where I get my music..since I always mamage to get an exact song that I want...
I don't take songs out of other ppl site..that's stealing alot of bandwiths!!!!>_>;; unless,it's a music code providing site..
So,I host my own music.

Anyway..if you want to hear other songs from Shaman King,please tell me^^I'm thinking of chaging it to Omokage-Anna's image song...
But Trust You goes with my overall theme...oh well!

Gomen,I was able to visit all of your sites for the past days..I think my tomodachi list is a bit too long..but I don't really like to delete ppl...guess,it can't be help,can it?*sigh*...

I want to go shopping...haven't done so for awhile now..
I'm falling behing in Shaman King..must buy vol.26 and 27..same goes for Fruits Basket vol.13 and 14...even though,I've already read them..my friend always wondered why I even bother to buy manga's that I've already read..but I'm kinda of a completionist..If it's a serie I really love,I want to own the old set...lol..

And I need new clothes for back-to-school...atlease new shoes...and shirts...

Well,I'll do my best to visit!!!^__^

Here's a pic of a J-Rock band called High and Mighty Color..they sung for Gundam SEED Destiny..I was jumping for joy when I heard they wre chossen to sing the 2nd OP^.^

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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