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Friday, August 5, 2005


Ohayo gozaimasu!!!!
How are you all doing?

I went to school yesterday...>_>;;
I haven't seen any of my friends..I should have probably woke up earlier..oh,well...I'll just have to wait until the 30th...
I miss you all my dearest tomodachi's!!!!!!!!!!

My Buss pass/student ID picture isn't that bad..best one yet..though the photographer had to take it 2 time..I kinda felt of the chair...woohoo..good thing I have some reflexes and didn't land on my butt^.^d*YOSH!!!*

Here are the course I'll be taken this year:
-Math sec.4 and 5
(sec.4=10th grade and 5=11th..I failed my final..T-T..actually,almost half of secondary 4 failed..and my mark wasn't that low..)

-French sec.5

-English,First Language
(I've already pass my Regular English cours for sec.5..this is just for those who can speak English fuidly..you see..English class is separeted into 3 type course;Regular,Bilingual and First Language...)

-P.E.(I get have gym again..woohoo..)

-Home Ecomony

-Concentration Art(<--must read it in French...it's an advance art course..though,anyone can take this class..)

-Web and graphic design

I think that's pretty much it...

And I got my new school agenda...I always print an anime pick and stick it on the cover...what anime shall it be this year..hmm*ponders*...It'll be fun decorating it..heheh,we're not suppose to though...

Hey!!!In 4 days,it will be Yzak Jule's Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!I almost forgot!Baka!*slaps forhead*
So,I'll be keeping this layout until the 8th...wow,this layout is the longest that I have kept...lol

What should my next layout be..*pnders*...
-Kingdom Hearts(song:Simple and Clean orRemix of SaC or Color)

-Gundam SEED Destiny(song:Kimi wa Boku ni Niteiru-New ED or Wings of Word or Vestige..or othre songs)

-Shaman King(song:Over Soul,Northen Lights,Trust You,Sano Saki no Justice...)

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