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Wednesday, August 3, 2005

   Grand Opening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi there!
It's midnight here..^^;

Anyway..just wanted to say that my other site is almost done!
Please go check it out!!!
Click Here!!!

I'm very proud of my layout^_^

I posted a summary of Chapter 100 of Fruits Basket^^

Also EternalFaction,founder of the Otaku MechTechs have moved to my extension site and will also be hosted on my sister's site!

Oh,BTW..I don't start school until August 30th...This Thursday..I only have to go,do what I have to do and get the hell out!!!!!!!!!!!
My dad can't drive me there..so,I'll have to take the bus..with my brother!!!!!!!!>. I'll try to have my imouto,Sweetrose tag along with me..lol..I try to bring her everwhere I go...lol
You see...I have poor sens of direction..I get lost...easily...kinda like Haru Sohma...don't know if his case is better or worst then mine..*sigh*..lol

Well,I promise I'll visit you..after I sleep...lol^^;

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