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Tuesday, August 2, 2005

   My site is almost done!!!!

Hi there!
How are all doing?

My cousins left yesterday..I miss them..T-T...
They'll drive to Boston and stay there for a few days then fly off back to Louisiana.

I watched the finaly of Hell's Kitchen...Mechael won!!!^.^
I only watched the last 5 episodes..didn't saw the begining...
It was cool,that's the kind of Reality TV that I like!Hard core cuisine!!!!!!!!!..lol

I'm almost done with my site!I made a new layout..instead of Fruits Basket..it's Sister Princess!
When I decided to change my layout..I was going for Shaman King...then Sister Princess..but I didn't like how it turned out..so made a new one..with Sister Princess...lol
It's kinda white and pink..very girly..lol
Hopefully it will be done by tomorrow..^^;
And hopefully,I won't change my mind about the layout...lol

On Thursday,I have to go to school!!!!!!!!!!Argh!!!!!!!The thought of steping in school before school actually starts,frightens me!!!!!!!!!!!!!>_>;;
I have to choose my courses and have my picture ID and Buss pass taken!!!!!!!!!!!!
For my optin courses,I'm choosing Concentration Art(which is a advance art class,8 periods/class per cycle of 9 days) and Web and graphic design class^^

Since I'm working on my site..I'll try my best to visit your sites!

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