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Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Ogenki desu ka?

Sorry..you'll have to wait a lil while longer for my Furuba chapters..At first,I was going to use a premade layout..but then I decided to make my own..it's isn't that hard...actually it it^^;..but I'm using some tutorial to help me..now got to decided weither to use Div layers or tables...*ponders*...At first I went of Div layers..already made the bgs...just need to finish the style sheet...but now I'm not sure..>_>;;
And I had a hard time choosing what anime to use as my first layout...Gundam SEED,GSD,Zeta Gundam,Escaflowne...but while I was "googling" and "yahooing"..I came across this lovely pic of Tohru,Uoh-chan(in her Yankee outfit,she has her mask on^^) and Hana-chan..couldn't resist^.^;..so the layout will be Fruits Basket!
I'll sure won't be changing the layout as often as on MyO..lol...making layout takes so much time and effort...*sigh*v.v
But well worth it..though..it's my first real layout..so it's definately going to look crappy..I suck at Paint Shop Pro..T-T..just look at my wallpapers...

Hopefully the site will be open before August...>_>;;

And gomen*bows*..if I wasn't able to visit you...I miss a few sites..wasn't able to get to all of them...T^T..Suminasen!!!!

Oh,I've recieved another present from my dad..it's a basketball court...my backyard is pretty big..well sort of...^^;...so,he thought a bb court would be perfect...though,I'm not much of a basketball player...Kyaaah,@_@;,it brings back bad memories...lol

And I also recieved a really cool bday GIF from xbleachx!!!!
Thank you so much^_^*bows*

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