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Friday, July 22, 2005


Hi there!!
Ogenki desu ka?

Hehehehe,I'm doing great!!
And today's my bday!!!16 doesn't feel so different..o_O...lol

This is great!!!I'm 16 now..hopefuly my mom will cut me some slack..lol

I hope you like this layout..I think it's my best one yet..^^;
I love Yzak!!!
I'm very proud of it...made all the graphics myself!!!
I think I went a lil crazy on the bg..I love that pic of Yzak and made like 4 wallpapers...>_>;;..lol
I post them up soon...

OMG!!!My parents just bought me the biggest cake!!!!!!!!!And it's chocolate^.^!!!!!!!!!!!!

As for presents..I got new clothes..and that's pretty much it^_^

I had plan to give you Fruits Basket fan out there a lil gift..though,my brother was on the comp all night and I wasn't able to get it done..T-T..Dang you brother!!!!!!!!!!!

You see..since TokyoPop will only release the first 15 volumes of Furuba...unlike the French version..^^;...so,I thought I'll put up some scans and summaries of chapter 100 and up^^
Though,my kanji reading skills is as good..but I manage^_^d*Yosh!!!*

I would like to thank you all for visiting me everyday!I love you all!!!!!!!
And thank you YohAsakuraFan,DarkSoul and Miharu-san for the banners and drawing!!!!
To all my tomodachis,I love you all so much!Your friendship means the world to me...heheh,cheesy,I know..but I sincerely mean it!!!
Arigato gozaimasu*bows*

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