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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Tori-san!!!!!!!Where are you?!!!!!!!!!

Hi there!!
How's your day so far?

One of my parakeet ran..hmm..flew away this morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!T^T
You see my birds loves to be outside..so every morning,my dad would hang the cage outside on our balcony..
And somehow..the cage was opened and my lime-green parakeet flew out!I can't believe it!!!!!!
He should know better!!!!!Usually,they want for our permission to go out of the cage..even if we leave the door open...yes,they'll well trained...well,one of them is..since the other one flew away..T^T
And today,my dad was supposed to trim his feathers..so that he wouldn't fly..cuz,it's kinda dangerous in my house...we don't have a spacy room where my birds can fly safely...
WHAT IF HE GETS EATEN BY A CAT OR BY OTHER BIRDS!!!!!!!!..OR HITS A GLASS WINDOW!!!!!!!OR GETS LOSED AND HUNGRY AND ............I don't want to think about what might happened!!>_>;;

Poor tori-san!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll just hope for the best!!!Hopefully someone will find him...but he's not wearing his ankle ring!!!!!!!!!!Oh gosh!!!!@_@;;;
And my other parakeet..(it's a female)...she looks so lonely...parakeets are very social animals..they live all their life with the same partner...T-T
Oh!This morning I just realize how chubby and grown up she is now...she's so cute!!!
I remember how srawny and little she looked when we first bought her...

Well,move on shall we?..*sigh*..*takes a deep breath*..

I didn't ask anything for my bday...we'll just go to the amusment park since it's kinda pricy this year...

Oh and I won 3rd place in Banzaiinu1's contest!!!!
I entered my Lacus fan art..I really didn't think I would win anything..since everyone else's entries were so awesome!!>_>;;

Oh another thing..my new layout isn't going ot be Fruits Basket..I just said that I have someting for Furuba fans..heheheh!
Just wait and see..^.^

My new layout will be made entirely by me...well the graphics anyway..^^;

Well,see you all!
Take care!!!!!^_^

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