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Sunday, July 17, 2005


Hi there!!
How's everyone doing?!!!
I hope you're day is going well so far^_^

It was raining just now and the TV didn't work..my sister was going all out crazy on meT-T..cuz she was missing her fav. show...Kowai*shiver*..you should have seen her...madness was in her eyes..T-T...it was like having a really pissed off Kagura Sohma(from Fruits Basket) in my house..T-T

I was able to watch anime on Friday and Saturday...ah,what a bliss^.^!!

Wow..only 5 more days til my birthday^.^!!!!!!
As you may know,with my sister's help..we made the EternalFaction site on MyO to give out HTML and CSS codes and graphics for you all to use..but I have another present..Fruits Basket fan will be delighted!!!!If you're not a fan...hmm*ponders*..well...^^;*ponders*

I'll be changing my layout on my bday as well..^^

WootWoot!!Phase 39:Kira of the Sky.
Only 11 episodes of GSEED Destiny left!!
I'm listening to Shinn Asuka's image song-Primal Innocence..very good^^!!!!!!!!!!

I find this funny...
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

That's all for now!
I hope your week-end was pleasent!
Take care^^

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