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Monday, July 11, 2005

   FAN ART!!

Hi there!!
Ogenki desu ka?
I hope everyone had a good week-end^^
*sigh*Another week went by without anime...still no cableT-T

.:+Changed the song to Smashing Blue by Bad Luck!!
Bad Luck is a rookie band who's out for stardom!
Formed by Suichi Shindou and Hiroshi Nakano..and later on a new addition,Suguru Fujisaki who is Seguchi Tohma(keyboardist of Nittle Grasper'! who looks alot like Quatre Roberta from Gundam Wing..well,same seiyuu/voice actor...^.^) cousin!!!
Suichi-kun:Lead Voicalist

They quickly raise to fame...and incounters many rivals...

Saw Phase 38:A New Flag!!!!!!!!!!!!Wow!Again,great episode!!!
We get to see Yzak!!^.^
We get to see Meer moping..in the dark..watching TV..poor girl...
We get to see..Sting Oakley!!!!!!!!Wow,not died!Faced off the Mirnerva and the ArchAngel and lived to tell the tale..or atlease cursed it out...But then he died!That is so wrong!
We get to see Shinn and Lunamaria kiss..That is also wrong!!Cute pairing!!But wrong!
It as so sudden..unless other relationships..but atlease it doesn't drag the plot..but still..
In a way it was expected..see how Shinn and Luna were both troubled by past events and need comfort...
New OP and ED!!!^.^

EternalFaction has been updated!!New graphics!!

I submitted 4 new fan arts..been working on those for a long time now..got around to finishing them^^
2 of Furuba.WARNING:SPOILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2 of Naruto..about those last 2..which one do you prefer?Cuz I'll be entering 1 of them in the Hidden Village of Art contest by SsaiyanShinobi

And I'm also entering another contest...Wish me luck^^

Well,have a nice day!
Take care!^^

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