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Sunday, July 3, 2005

   rambling...as always..^.^

Hi there!!!
Daij˘ desu ka?
I decided to have a lil section of my post where I bable on about a certain subject that involves my current layout..which in this case:Fruits Basket!!

Quote from Aya-kun(Ayame Sohma form Furuba):
"Surely it's not a sin to realize your fantasy when you are aware of the reality."

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
-Ayame Sohma,cursed under the year of the snake..like me^.^

Yes,he says a lot of crap..but when you think about it...whatever comes out of his mouth is very witty and deep(in some occasions^^;)

I praise Natsuki Takaya!!!She's such a great story writer..the plot flows very well...and her sense of humor is weird,but none the less very amusing!!!!!


For a family trip,we'll might go to Lousiana..maybe...Well,I'm hoping to go to California with my siblings..no parents^.^...

Yata!!!I was able to buy a inking pen..been wanting to resapply my art stuff..for 2 months now..hai,been procastinating..>_>;;

Made a new wallpaper..submitted it last night...featuring Kira and Athrun from GSEED^^

Thank you for reading!!
Take care!*bows*

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