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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

   New layout^^

Konnichiwa minna-san*bows*
Daij˘ desu?

I hope you like my new layout...Fruits Basket is one of my favorite anime and manga^.^
It's such a beautiful story full of harships and love...

It really makes to reflect..especially Tohru Honda's words.

Question:What becomes of snow when it melts?
People would say:Water...
..but the answer's Spring.After the cold winter..Spring always reveals itself,...always.
Heheheh..I would be dumb enough to answer:Duh!Water...But the thing..I like snow.^_^
Even something as cold as snow,when it touches somethings warm..it changes to something totally different,a pur water drop that flows so broadly...that was always there to begin with...How can something as cold as snow can be so soft and falls gently and quietly...
Well,what I mean is there's always something good in every thing...
I'm the kind of person who like to see the beauty in the most gruesomes of train recks..heheh^^;

That's what I love about Fruits Basket..it makes me think throughly about aspects of life that people take for granted or overlook...so,that's why...if you have the chance,watch the anime..or better read the manga!!!!^_^

Anyway,I'm actually in the library...lol^^;
I lost my library card..lol..so borrowing my lil sis'..lol^.^Thank you^_~
Yeah,my dad wants to switch to satellite TV instead of cable..and my internet is by cable...@_@;;
GOMENASAI!!!!!!!!!*rapidly bows numerous times*
I won't be able to visit you all as often as I wish...Please,go easy on me^_^I'll do my best!!
So,don't worry in a week or so..I'll be back and I'll visit everyone!!!!!!
I apologize for any inconvience*bows*
I miss you all!!!

Heheheh,I'll might go to California to visit my aunt..without my parents!!!Just my lil sister(Sweetrose),my older but childish brother and me^.^

I love you all!!
Take care!!!

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