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Saturday, June 25, 2005

   Happy St-John the Baptist Day!!

Well,actually it was yesterday>.<

How everyone!!!

Yesterday was Le St-Jean de Baptist Day(hehehe..sounds very catholic^.^;)
A special holiday only in Quebec...The Nation inside a Nation..Quebec is very different form the other provinces in Canada...It's very beautiful..cuz it looks a lot like old France..but if you go to another neighborhood..it looks very British..especially in Montreal^.^
And you'll see churches very where!!!There's one next to my sister's school and one close to my school..etc...
Here's the famous "Fleurdelysée"

I was suppose to go to the festival with my friends..but my mom didn't let me..T-T

I got my hair cut today..I supposed to dye it in a warm brown color..oh well,I'll be a brunnette another day..V.V

I've made 3 really new ones and the 3 othees are from a few days back..that I forgot to mention..I think^^;

1 of Meiryn and Lunamaria Hawke from GSD
2 of GosenMaden Saiyuki^.^
1 of Lacus from GS
and 1 from FF-XII

I hope you like them^_^

Thank you for reading*bows*
Take care!!

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