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Thursday, June 23, 2005


Hi there!!
It's midnight right now..I wasn't planning on updating today...
For some reason,my post didn't work...it didn't appear..so I put it on another post...@_@
Anyway...sorry for any conviences*bows*

Heheheh,I'm listening to"Shoot"Yzak Jule image song from Gundma SEED sung by Tomokasu Seki(my favorite seiyuu^^)The image songs from GSEED are very good..usually image songs aren't that good,but GSEED are..^-^;

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
He's my fav. male character in GSEED and GSD^.^

I can't wait for Sunday..it's my friend Val's bday^.^!!!!!
Though,one of her friends won't be able to attend..T-T

WOW...I just realize that my lil sister is going to be in Junior High...you don't know how small she is..she looks like a 9 y-old..lol..but she's going to be 12 in exactly 2 month...must think of a gift...

And in exactly 1 month,it's goin to be my BDay...I'll 16...Hmm..I'll have to think of doing something special for you guys on my bday..any suggestions?..
Heheheh..you might wonder why I'm think of doing something for you guys and not for myself..^^;..well..lol
Don't have a answer to that..just don't ask and enjoy it!
I'll think of something...
Besides,I want to show my appreciation to you all^_^
Must think of something..well,I still have a month to do so..^^;

Wow,next year..I'm going to be a senior...o_O
That is..if I pass..WHICH I WILL!!
lol,sorry to sound so confident^^;..
But not so sure for Math...T-T
I'll probably take regular Math course instead of the Advance one...this is going to feel strange..Ever since I got into Junior High..I always been in the Advance courses..Oh well,not complanning^^At lease,I'll be able to take things easy next year..
I'll stay in Art program and for my other option..I think I'll take computer courses..to learn how to make websites and graphics..cuz I suckT-T
But I want to take History courses too..hmm...

Speaking of sites..I've deleted my extension page on freewebs...got tired of the lame templates..trying to make my own layout...should I use tables or Iframes/DIVframes...hmm..
Anyway..if you need HTML or CSS codes,PM me..since I don't have my other site anymore..or codes for my club banners...

I'll work on it the whole summer,bringing a lotmore codes,graphics and maybe even Mp3 rotation(music for your sites)..don't about that one..it will probalby suck up all my bandwiths..^^;

I was kinda bored..I joined like 10 fanlistings..heheh,must get a life..^^;
Question:Would you like me to put the links for the fanlistings,down below...?

Sorry for the long post*bows*
I'll visit you all when I'll get up..must go to bed..heheh^^;
Thank you for reading*bows*
Take care^_^

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