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Saturday, May 28, 2005


Current theme:Sister Princess

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Hi there!!!
Nothing much happend...^^;
How are you all doing?

Got a new avatar...
Oh,look at my new scroll bar*o_O*-->
I was just wondering what my next theme will be...
What would you guy like see on my site?
Here are some suggestions:
-Cagalli Yula Atha(Gundam SEED) song:Precious Rose
-FF X-2(don't know which character yet...probably Lenne/Yuna...or Rikku/Yuna/Paine) song:Real Emotion
-Saiyuki song:Alone
-Shinn X Stellar/Kira X Lacus(Gundam SEED Destiny) song:Ignited
-Kira X Lacus and G-Strike(GSEED)
-Lacus and Mia(GSEED Desitny) song:Pink Rose
-Heine Westenfuss(GSEED Destiny) song;Ignited
I'll be changing my layout in a week or 2^^
I'll post my fan arts later..Gomen*bows*
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Thank you for reading^^
Take care!

Here's a pic of my lil sis(Sweetrose) and me^^(anime style!!)
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