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Friday, May 27, 2005


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Hi there!!!
Finally Friday!!!!!

I failed my Lab test...by 4 pionts...T-T...I SUCKED!!!
But it's ok!!!Really^^It's the only one that I failed and besides atlease my friend,Mi-chan(Miharu-san) passed!!!
And my other friend,Brianne(flipflop88) failed by 1 point...T-T...I think she really deserves to pass!!!! It's so not fair!!

The cable's fine^^!!!Yay,get to watch anime tonight!!!!

I just finish 2 new drawing,I'll post it tomorrow...

Yesterday wasFuturenaturalart's Birthday!!!Go wish him a happy one^^

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I'll visite all of you tonight^^
Take care!

Here's a pic of my lil sis(Sweetrose) and me^^(anime style!!)
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