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Thursday, May 26, 2005


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Hi there!!
Daijou ka?
As for me,daijou desu^^

Yes!!!In English,we didn't do our orals!!!!The teacher changed her mind so we did another test...God!!Romeo and Juliet is so hard to understand!!!!!

-History exam isn't til next week,so I'll study this week-end
-All I need to do for Math is to program my notes into my calculator and recopy some formulas on this green sheet which we are allowed to use during the upcoming exam adn for the Final...^^
-Got nothing to do for French!!^*big grind*
-I just need to study a bit for Science...T-T
-Must finish art project for Monday...@_@
-My Morals and Religions exam isn't until a another 2 weeks...Got plenty of time!!^^
I think that's pretty much it...Hope I didn't forget anything...Oh well...^^;
So this mean,I'll be able to visite you guys now!!!!!YAY!!!^^

KYYYYAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!!Tomorrow,we got some problems with our cable...so they'll have to cut it for a week or 2 to see what's the problem....I'LL MISS FRIDAY'S NIGHT ANIME BLOCK(BIONIX).....T-T
But that's ok,I've already seen GSEED and .Hack//Sign...but I'll miss InuYasha....and Saturday,I'll miss One Piece!!I'm reading the manga...but I want to see the anime,even though it's a dub...^^;

Oh well,I'll visite you guys now^^
Take care!

Here's a pic of my lil sis(Sweetrose) and me^^(anime style!!)
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