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Sunday, May 22, 2005

   Hey everyone!!!!

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Hi everyone!!
Ogenki desu ka?

I went shopping all day^^It was fun,sort of...T-T
Last week my mom asked me(more like ordered me^^;)to clean out my closet and to take out all the clothes didn't fit anymore...and that's half of it!!!I had clothes that I wore back in 6th grade that was still lying in my closet...but some of them still fits me!!!Don't know how...o_O.So we went shopping and I got myself a manga(Fruits Basket^^)...I don't have a lot of money leftT-T,so my parents paid for my clothes(Hehehehe^^)I got a pair of red flipflops(I wanted a neutral color,but that's ok^^),a nice brun skirt and a peach color shirt(the long ones that goes down to your lower waist.I love this kind of shirts!^^Cuz,when you bend,your pants goes down,your shirt goes up and for some reason your panties stays in the same place...o_O and wearing a short shirt isn't helping,but I guess some girls want it that way...I hate wearing those tight and short Tees...but that's just me^^)

Apple Seed DVD just came out!!!The 2-dics DVD cost only $25!!!I had $20 on meT-T...The OST(Original SounTdrack)will come out some...^^

For some reason my sister was mad at me...T-T*shame,shame*And she won't tell me!!!Why am I always left in the dark!!I apologized,but she won't hear itT-T
And luckly,everything's fine now^^...I thinkT-T.God,my sis has a lot of mood swings!!!!She reminds me of Kagura Sohma(Fruits Basket)Hehehehe^^;...Hehe...@_@...I'm not sure if that's a good thing!!Kowai.....T-T

I have so much English work and exams!!!!And I got to work on Math and Science(I totally suckT-T)...
I hate doing experiment in labs...I can be clumsy...I have little coordination,so I trip,fall flat on my face(you should see me walking down or up the stairs!!) except when it comes to sports(excluding badminton^^;) and video games...Bottom line,it's a total Greek Tragedy or Comedy(for others) when I got a experiment to do(yes,things did exploded,but that only happened once!!!!!And I haven't broken anything so far^_^)

Like I said before,I won't be able to update,nor be on the comp as often as I want...T-T...Gomenasai*bows*But I'll try to visite you all everyday.I'll do my best!!!!

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Maybe I should try this on my brother,LOL^_^

My friend Mi-chan drew me a pic of my in chibi styleClick Here to visit her!
Chibi NittlerGrasper^^

Here's a drawing of...well,me^^'
Click here to see^^

Pic of the day:Angel Sanctuary,featuring Setsuna Mudô
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I would like to link you guys to my site,so that other ppl will go visite my tomodachi^^So if you have a button,please send it to me...or if you don't have one,I can make you one,just PM me^^

Thanks for reading!I appreciate it!*bows*Have a nice day!^^

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