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Thursday, May 19, 2005

   4 day week-end!!!

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Hi everyone!!
Ogenki desu ka?

Nothing weird happened to me today...Well,that's good^^;

I submitted a new fan art^^Please,feel free to check it out...Arigatô*bows*

YAY!I GOT A 4-DAYS WEEK-END!!!!...@_@...But I have to go to school tomorrow...Since next year,I'll be taking First Language English course next year...You see,hear in Québec,French is the official language and English is taught as a second language...In school,you have 2 types of English courses...one is called Regular English and the other one is called Bilingual English(this one is a lil more advance the the first one..)Once you get into Secondary 5(equals to the last year of High School),those who speaks English as a first language,like at home and such(like me^^) or those who are very good in English(like my friends) are allow to attend that special class...but you have to pass all Regular English Finals for Secondary 5 at the same time as the finals for Seconday 4(this should be easy^^)So next year,even if I slack off a lil,I'll still get my diploma,cuz I've already passed my English Secondary 5(that is,if I pass in Math and French...^^;)
So yeah,it's a little confusing...T-T

So tomorrow,I got an umprepared oral presentation...I HATE THAT!!!!! I'm kinda shy...^///^*blushe*

My friends(including Mi-chan) are going to New York this week-end on a school field trip^^

And my friends and best friend(the ones that I hang with more often)are going to Sherbrook(it's a city in Québec^^),cuz they're in the school orchestra...they got concerts and stuff...so I'm all alone...At lease I got Valery...and you guys^^!!!

My friend Mi-chan drew me a pic of my in chibi style...my bros's bugging me,so I'll post it later^^Click Here to visit her!
Chibi NittlerGrasper^^

Here's a drawing of...well,me^^'
Click here to see^^

Pic of the day:Shinn Asuka from Gundam SEED Destiny-Phase 30
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I would like to link you guys to my site,so that other ppl will go visite my tomodachi^^So if you have a button,please send it to me...or if you don't have one,I can make you one,just PM me^^

Well,I'll be visiting you guys now!

Thanks for reading!I appreciate it!*bows*Have a nice day!^^

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