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Monday, May 16, 2005

   Hi everyone^_^!!

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Hi everyone!!
Ogenki desu ka?

Today went well...how about yours?
I don't have much to say....Gomen*bows*
I finished my fan art for the Village of Hidden Art contest,founded by Ssaiyanshinobi
Please,feel free to check it out^^

MY COUSIN IS A MOM!!! I don't know all the details(don't know if the baby's a girl or a boy^^;)I'm so happy!!
I can't wait to meet the baby^^

I still have to work on my poems for English,but that can wait...got til Wednesday...Yes,I procastinate...but I always manage to get everything done in time^^How lucky am I...LOL^^

Here's a drawing of...well,me^^'
Click here to see^^

Pic of the day:Rave Master(Groove Adventure Rave)
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
I would like to link you guys to my site,so that other ppl will go visite my tomodachi^^So if you have a button,please send it to me...or if you don't have one,I can make you one,just PM me^^

Well,I'll be visiting you guys now!

Thanks for reading!I appreciate it!*bows*Have a nice day!^^

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