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Saturday, May 7, 2005


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-CardCaptor Sakura-
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Me luv eating^.^!!!

Hi there!!!
How everyone today!!
Yesterday was fun and weird...I bought 2 new mangas,I went shopping with Mi-chan(Miharu-san),I heard her playing the bass...oh,and an old lady thought I as pregnante!!!You're problably think:"WTF?o_O"...go to archives for details...^^
I just finishing watching Saturday Morning cartoons...One Piece was cool...They changed the POOR-EXCUSE-FOR-AN-OPENING-THEME by adding Usopp and Sanji to their "rap"...Last week was Shaman King's Season Finaly??!What the???!o_O...God,4KIDS love to screw anime up!!!There's no Season Finaly!!Ok,there's different arcs to the story,but still!Lets just hope they'll change the OP.Theme...Have you ever notice that the insert music in Shaman King is the same as in Sonic X...NOT ONLY IS 4KIDS LAZY,BUT THEY'RE SLOPPY TOO!!!!

Ok,enough about 4KIDS...Tomorrow's Mother's Day and I still have to get a present for my mom!!....I just don't know what to give...I kinda got some issues with her...but I still want to give her something...to show that I really appreciate her^^So,how your relation with your moms?

I added some new pics in my Gundam Section...down below^^
Thanks for reading!I appreciate it!Have a nice day!^^

I made a new banner of my Super Handsome Blossom Trio Fan Club!!!If you want to join,PM me!!^^
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