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Wednesday, May 4, 2005


You're listening to Gundam Seed's song...don't know the title,my computer can't translate kanji...but it's the song in ep.31 in GS and ep.27 in Gundam SEED Destiny^^

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Image hosted by Photobucket.com
I love Mimi-chan^^!!!
Hello everyone!!
My French exam is tomorrow!!!!Not Friday...^^;I have to stay locked in class for 3 whole hours!!!No break,no recess...nothing!!
And I got and oral presentation to prepare in English,I have to write about 10 poems and I got an extension project to do...MY ENGLISH TEACHER IS CRAZY!!!SHE ACTUALLY EVEN SAID THAT IT WAS LIGHT WORK!!!!!ARGHHHHH!
Well,at lease I got my Math things done...and I got to work on Science...I think I'm going to die here!!!!
It' not that bad,I just finish preparing for my French test,so I'll try to visit you guys tonight^^

I'll be participing again in Animerica's Fan Art contest...So far I didn't winT_T,but that's ok,there was a lot of better drawings than mine^^We got a lot of great artists here on MyO,so you guys should enter too!Just got check Animerica's site to get more info and enter!The theme for the upcoming contest is BEST ANIME KISS.

Hopefully Friday,I'll be able to go shopping with Mi-chan(Miharu-san) for fabrics for my Lacus outfit and her Zaft Elite uniform^^But I'm broke..I've spent most of my money on manga...I'll have to wait a lil until I can buy the fabrics...^^;

Thanks for reading!Have a nice day!^^

Pic of the day:The J-Rock band,Lucifer from Kaikan Phrase(Sensual Phrase)
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Did you know that the REAL J-Rock band,Lucifer preforms for the anime adaption of the manga, Kaikan Phrase?
I prefer the anime than the manga...^^

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