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Wednesday, April 20, 2005


I apologized to you all for not updating yesterday *bows*...

I feel so bad...this morning I was supposed to go to school earlier than usual for my friend,but I didn't!!!Arghhh!!God I'm felt so bad!!I still do...I thought my dad's the one who would drive my sis(at the same time he can take me to my school...) ,but he was sick this morning and instead it was my mom who drove...and it was too late to catch the public bus.
I'M SO SORRY!!!!!!God,I'm so aweful*goes sulking in a corner shamefuly*

Good news:I have drawn 2 new fanarts!I had finish them since a while now...Please,feel free to go check them out^^Though,they're not that good,but I'm trying my best^_^

I had so much work that I wasn't able to finish my manga(all I need to do is inked them...)...so you won't know the end until tomorrow...I'm so sorry that you have to wait so long to know the ending of a stupid story/moment of my pathetic life!

Again,gomenasai.I sincerely mean it...I'm currently listening to Lacus' Shizukana Yoru ni...it's making me feel better^_^^But still...

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