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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Hoi hoi ppl!
I'm in such a better than in my last post =P I'm doing so dandy!! *big grin* Ok. Now, I sound like a psycho. Good. Meh. Funny, I'm so cheery, yet I got pwned so badly in badminton today. Shitto XD

It was the double's tournement. Dang, last class, we topped 2nd place in our block. Now, we got bumped off to 4th place. F=)ck. My teacher's pretty proud of my improvement. He says I'm a real powerhouse and got good reflexes. Though, I lack coordination -__-; I rock ppl's sock. I used to suck at smashes... now, I so rule!! *evil chuckle and now gets of her high horse* Ahem. Yeah.

Now, the reason why I'm so high on crack cheerful: hahaha..it's so cheesy.. how embarassing. ^///^ There's this guy in Badminton class \//##\/woosh\!# I think I'll stop there. =P lol

To be continued. Preview: The girl finds herself swept away by deep emotions. A wave of freshness washes down a greening shore. Is this the beginning of a new day? But before finding such bliss, she must fight against the harshness of the China Town's dark side. Next episode: Lost and Found *switches to commercial*

lol I know,WTF ??
Thanks for reading! ~Love you all!

ps: Added a bunch of new art =D (for those who missed my last post)

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