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Friday, May 18, 2007

Hoi! Hoi! *Hero's Come Back song starts playing in bg*
It's been awhile!! I missed you all! School's almost over = more time to visit you all =) I've been busy with school, work and my sites and all that shitto. So YOSH! I was able to revamp my art site and my Hirako shrine >=D Now, I just need to update it, scan new drawings. School wise, some courses bite monkeys!!Argh..D=< But it's going pretty well ^w^

So new layout! It's Hana Kimi =3 Fei lun hai & S.H.E (not all of them,but..meh.) has joined forces to bring us these piece of tai delight! Dang,I want Aaron...

Thanks for reading!Take care =3

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