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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Hoi!!Hoi! =)
Hope you're all doing well ^0^

Happy New Year!!!!
lol It's the year of the boar =)

I went shopping Saturday after work with Gen & Val.So much fun ^.^v Bought 2 lovely tops =3
And..gah,I can't believe I actually forgot and bought that...gaaaaahhh...O_O;;;;
I bought new shoes!!!!!!*gasp* >_>;
You see,buying shoes at New Year is bad luck...
My mom laughed when I showed her what I bought..-__-; *smacks forehand*

We got lots of sweets and moon cakes ^0^
My mom made dumplings too =)
It's a good thing my mom does open the windows to the good will of the new year come in...unlike my aunt >_>;

I'll end my post here ^^; Love you all!!!<3

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