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Monday, February 12, 2007

Hoi!Hoi!! How are you all???
I'm very sorry for not visiting your sites!!!!!
+1 New song download.
I'm getting sick of Sexy Back..need to change song -_-;
Happy bday Sophia!!

I find it weird that a person who applies to become your affiliate and later,tags saying: "I'm doing an affy clean up.You have 1 week to tag me back or else I'll delete you from my affy list" or something like that..>_>;
Why does ppl who owns pixel site do that..I've notice that alot..since my sister owns a pixel site.
Anyway,I tag her saying I still wanted to affiliate with her site and all.Now,I find that she has taken off me off her affy list!Feh!!WTF??!!! You come and ask to be affiliates with me and you're the one who takes my link off?? I just don't get it. I haven't known her for that long,but she seemed nice...gah,her lost!

I had no classes today.I've recieved a call saying that French class was canceled =) Ah,bliss!! I got the call around 11:30.I usually leave for school at 11:50..Good thing,I didn't get the call later ;)

I need to install cutenews...
Gah!!I want to watch BOYS LOVE!!!!!!!!!!
Take care my dearest!!!!<3

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