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Saturday, February 3, 2007

my name!
Half of your problems will be go~ne

Only half??!!
lol XD How are you all doing??!!

I could have worked in the electronics department last Thursday..but I had school..T-T
It would have been so cool.Working at front cashes can be quite stressful sometimes.Crazy customers..>_>;

Does any of you watch Ugly Betty??It so good =D The editor-in-chef,Daniel Meade(played by Eric Mabius)..argh..he's such a womenizer!!!He makes out with like atleast 2 different girls per episode!! >=( Yet,there's something attractive about him,something really charming..
Gah,that pisses me off >_>;
That jerk!Sleeping with all those girls(,making me falling in love with him)...I hate him.-_-;

I can't wait for Naruto: Shippűden!!!Oh,and a fourth movie is schedule soon..

*sigh* I want to go shopping!!!!!!!!(>0<)
With that said,take care sweeties!Sankyuu for reading my post!♥

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