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Friday, January 26, 2007

Hello!!!! =3
Gow are you?!!!!Hope you're all doing well^.^

ZOMFG!! I just watched BLEACH ep.112.It rocked.
Shinji is so darn cool!!! XP I love his voice!!!
Hyori's so cute =0
Next episode will introduce Ulquiorra.He looks emo,yet masculin...>=)

I just bought BLEACH vol.19.It has color pages!!!In a tank˘bon!!! *grins widely*
I don't know where my volume 18 went!!!O_O;
Gen,did you borrowed it from me???Answer me Gen!!! >0<

Monday is fast approaching...I don't want that day to come!!!!!!! >=0 *cries* School!! Gah!!!
I had like a 1 month and 1/2 of vacation...I got used to life without school..and now,I'm terrified to go back..T-T
Why am I so scared???!! O_O;;

I got BoA's new full jap album;MADE IN TWENTY(20).I'm not a really big fan of BoA...After listening to Winter Love,I thought that the album would be good...but it was only a few tracks that were good-great..the others were blah.
The song Lady Galaxy reminds me of My Humps..Really.Was that a compliment? Answer: blah.
I'll might put it up for download..lol XD

Well,lots of love!Take care guys!!!

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