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Wednesday, August 3, 2005

   Grand Opening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi there!
It's midnight here..^^;

Anyway..just wanted to say that my other site is almost done!
Please go check it out!!!
Click Here!!!

I'm very proud of my layout^_^

I posted a summary of Chapter 100 of Fruits Basket^^

Also EternalFaction,founder of the Otaku MechTechs have moved to my extension site and will also be hosted on my sister's site!

Oh,BTW..I don't start school until August 30th...This Thursday..I only have to go,do what I have to do and get the hell out!!!!!!!!!!!
My dad can't drive me there..so,I'll have to take the bus..with my brother!!!!!!!!>. I'll try to have my imouto,Sweetrose tag along with me..lol..I try to bring her everwhere I go...lol
You see...I have poor sens of direction..I get lost...easily...kinda like Haru Sohma...don't know if his case is better or worst then mine..*sigh*..lol

Well,I promise I'll visit you..after I sleep...lol^^;

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Tuesday, August 2, 2005

   My site is almost done!!!!

Hi there!
How are all doing?

My cousins left yesterday..I miss them..T-T...
They'll drive to Boston and stay there for a few days then fly off back to Louisiana.

I watched the finaly of Hell's Kitchen...Mechael won!!!^.^
I only watched the last 5 episodes..didn't saw the begining...
It was cool,that's the kind of Reality TV that I like!Hard core cuisine!!!!!!!!!..lol

I'm almost done with my site!I made a new layout..instead of Fruits Basket..it's Sister Princess!
When I decided to change my layout..I was going for Shaman King...then Sister Princess..but I didn't like how it turned out..so made a new one..with Sister Princess...lol
It's kinda white and pink..very girly..lol
Hopefully it will be done by tomorrow..^^;
And hopefully,I won't change my mind about the layout...lol

On Thursday,I have to go to school!!!!!!!!!!Argh!!!!!!!The thought of steping in school before school actually starts,frightens me!!!!!!!!!!!!!>_>;;
I have to choose my courses and have my picture ID and Buss pass taken!!!!!!!!!!!!
For my optin courses,I'm choosing Concentration Art(which is a advance art class,8 periods/class per cycle of 9 days) and Web and graphic design class^^

Since I'm working on my site..I'll try my best to visit your sites!

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Sunday, July 31, 2005


Hi there!
How are you?

My cousins from Louisiana came yesterday^^
My cousin,Regina brought her new bundle of joy...so cute!!The baby's name is Isabella..such a pretty name!!!!=3

My uncle just gave me $40 US just like that..he gave the same ammount to my oni-chan and imouto..
And since it was my sweet16..he said he would buy me anything I want!!!Wow..that feels awkard..I don't want to impose...T-T

My friend Val send me a e-mail..wishing me happy birthday and such...and she said that her and the rest of my friends are going ot give me a present when we get back to school...What part of "I don't want a prsent" that they don't understand?o_O...They're so kind..I don't think I deserve such great friends..T-T...I'm so lucky!!!!!!Kyaaaah!!!

Oh!!Here's a pic of Canard Pars..from Gundam SEED Astray-MSV(Mobile Suit Variation)
Sadly it's not a anime..just 2 promo videosT-T..but it's a running manga series!!
I know how GSEED is so popular...now in North America...but GSEED Astray still remain unknown..what a shame!!It deserves as much praise as it's counter part...
Even though GSEED is a series on its own..but the story is much more complete with Astray.
Have you ever wonder why and how Kira survived when Athrun self-destructed his Aegis...All thanks to Kira's older brother!That's right OLDER BROTHER!!!And it's Canard!
If you don't believe me..Raw Le Creuset did say once that numorous of Kira's siblings were sacrificed for the Ultimate Coordinator..well Canard is a fell attempt..thought he did survive!!!He pilote the Hyperion Gundam...not that impressive...and seeks to kill Kira..to prove that he's the superior one...but he ends up killing him..
Image hosted by TinyPic.com

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Thursday, July 28, 2005


Hi there!!!
Ogenki desu ka?
I hope your day is going well so far^^

I made blueberry pancakes yesterday..didn't even get to eat any..T-T...my mom loves my pancakes..lol
When I was mixing the dough..I remembered that my sister like her pancakes plan...God!!!So,I plucked off the blueberries off..one by one...and then put them back in..@_@;;

Anyway,I made pancakes this morning too...^^;

My brother's the biggest jerk that ever lived!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
>.<...He's suck a baka!!!!!!!!!!
Yesterday,when I was making the pancakes..he told me to hurry it up..and blabla..crap...who does he think he is?!!!!!I wanted to shove the dough down his pants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And when I said that he'll just have to make his own..he slaps on the back of my head..it hurt..T-T..
The my mom yelled at him..dang you oni-chan!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Noté bien!!!!!!!!!!!:Please don't send me any chain letters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My other site is coming along....
Please wait a lil longer!Kudasai!!!!

I'll be visiting you all now...

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Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Ogenki desu ka?

Sorry..you'll have to wait a lil while longer for my Furuba chapters..At first,I was going to use a premade layout..but then I decided to make my own..it's isn't that hard...actually it it^^;..but I'm using some tutorial to help me..now got to decided weither to use Div layers or tables...*ponders*...At first I went of Div layers..already made the bgs...just need to finish the style sheet...but now I'm not sure..>_>;;
And I had a hard time choosing what anime to use as my first layout...Gundam SEED,GSD,Zeta Gundam,Escaflowne...but while I was "googling" and "yahooing"..I came across this lovely pic of Tohru,Uoh-chan(in her Yankee outfit,she has her mask on^^) and Hana-chan..couldn't resist^.^;..so the layout will be Fruits Basket!
I'll sure won't be changing the layout as often as on MyO..lol...making layout takes so much time and effort...*sigh*v.v
But well worth it..though..it's my first real layout..so it's definately going to look crappy..I suck at Paint Shop Pro..T-T..just look at my wallpapers...

Hopefully the site will be open before August...>_>;;

And gomen*bows*..if I wasn't able to visit you...I miss a few sites..wasn't able to get to all of them...T^T..Suminasen!!!!

Oh,I've recieved another present from my dad..it's a basketball court...my backyard is pretty big..well sort of...^^;...so,he thought a bb court would be perfect...though,I'm not much of a basketball player...Kyaaah,@_@;,it brings back bad memories...lol

And I also recieved a really cool bday GIF from xbleachx!!!!
Thank you so much^_^*bows*

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Sunday, July 24, 2005


Hi there!
Ogenki desu ka?

The amusment park was fun and... wet!!!!Not because it rain(it didn't^^;)....1 word:"Splash"..if you live in Quebec and been to Six Flags' LaRonde..you know what I mean....I was soaked down to the bone!!!!>_>;;
After the ride(I was serioulsy wet)..you have to cross a bridge..if you want to get even wetter,you can stayed on it..but I didn't want to..so I started to run..as I ended up at the other side..I figured that at this distance the wave isn't going to hit me...WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway..Gomen,I didn't visit your sites yesterday..for obvious reasons..^^;...

I'm working on a new site..for EternalFaction..cuz I don't think MyO is very apropriate for graphic site...and I need more space to place my clubs and fanlistings..and all that...and Like I said before...I'll be providing scans and summaries of Furits Basket(from chapter 100 and up)..since..TokyoPop will only release up to volume 15...Japan is at vol. 17 and waiting for the last tome,vol.18 to come out...
And since I have the fortune and possiblity to read in Kanji(though I'm not that good)..I thought it will be great to share it with you all^^

I'm so happy that you all like my new layout!!Yzak is my fav. amle character is GSEED and GSD,voice by no other than Tomokazu Seki who plays Kyo Sohma(Furuba),Suichi Shidou(Gravitation),Van Fanel(Escaflowne) and numorous character in other series!!!

I'm getting better at CSS codes^.^
I got HTML down..well almost..^^;
So,I played around with the alpha filter(the opacity) of the pics in my site..if you notice how my main avatar and banners are transparent^_~
I also disabled the Right-Click function...without Pop-Ups..God!!!The no right-click code with javascripts was so long and painful for nothing!!!!!
And I was able to modify the long and confusing code for aligning a pic with text(like at the beginning of my post,where you see an Yzak avi with the chorus of the song,Shoot..)...made the code alot shorter and more simple..I should give myself a pat on the back..lol..how pretensious of me..lol..gomen^^;

Oh,and I added a Site to Visite section in the Quiz Results^^

Well,I'll visit you all now!

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Friday, July 22, 2005


Hi there!!
Ogenki desu ka?

Hehehehe,I'm doing great!!
And today's my bday!!!16 doesn't feel so different..o_O...lol

This is great!!!I'm 16 now..hopefuly my mom will cut me some slack..lol

I hope you like this layout..I think it's my best one yet..^^;
I love Yzak!!!
I'm very proud of it...made all the graphics myself!!!
I think I went a lil crazy on the bg..I love that pic of Yzak and made like 4 wallpapers...>_>;;..lol
I post them up soon...

OMG!!!My parents just bought me the biggest cake!!!!!!!!!And it's chocolate^.^!!!!!!!!!!!!

As for presents..I got new clothes..and that's pretty much it^_^

I had plan to give you Fruits Basket fan out there a lil gift..though,my brother was on the comp all night and I wasn't able to get it done..T-T..Dang you brother!!!!!!!!!!!

You see..since TokyoPop will only release the first 15 volumes of Furuba...unlike the French version..^^;...so,I thought I'll put up some scans and summaries of chapter 100 and up^^
Though,my kanji reading skills is as good..but I manage^_^d*Yosh!!!*

I would like to thank you all for visiting me everyday!I love you all!!!!!!!
And thank you YohAsakuraFan,DarkSoul and Miharu-san for the banners and drawing!!!!
To all my tomodachis,I love you all so much!Your friendship means the world to me...heheh,cheesy,I know..but I sincerely mean it!!!
Arigato gozaimasu*bows*

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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Tori-san!!!!!!!Where are you?!!!!!!!!!

Hi there!!
How's your day so far?

One of my parakeet ran..hmm..flew away this morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!T^T
You see my birds loves to be outside..so every morning,my dad would hang the cage outside on our balcony..
And somehow..the cage was opened and my lime-green parakeet flew out!I can't believe it!!!!!!
He should know better!!!!!Usually,they want for our permission to go out of the cage..even if we leave the door open...yes,they'll well trained...well,one of them is..since the other one flew away..T^T
And today,my dad was supposed to trim his feathers..so that he wouldn't fly..cuz,it's kinda dangerous in my house...we don't have a spacy room where my birds can fly safely...
WHAT IF HE GETS EATEN BY A CAT OR BY OTHER BIRDS!!!!!!!!..OR HITS A GLASS WINDOW!!!!!!!OR GETS LOSED AND HUNGRY AND ............I don't want to think about what might happened!!>_>;;

Poor tori-san!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll just hope for the best!!!Hopefully someone will find him...but he's not wearing his ankle ring!!!!!!!!!!Oh gosh!!!!@_@;;;
And my other parakeet..(it's a female)...she looks so lonely...parakeets are very social animals..they live all their life with the same partner...T-T
Oh!This morning I just realize how chubby and grown up she is now...she's so cute!!!
I remember how srawny and little she looked when we first bought her...

Well,move on shall we?..*sigh*..*takes a deep breath*..

I didn't ask anything for my bday...we'll just go to the amusment park since it's kinda pricy this year...

Oh and I won 3rd place in Banzaiinu1's contest!!!!
I entered my Lacus fan art..I really didn't think I would win anything..since everyone else's entries were so awesome!!>_>;;

Oh another thing..my new layout isn't going ot be Fruits Basket..I just said that I have someting for Furuba fans..heheheh!
Just wait and see..^.^

My new layout will be made entirely by me...well the graphics anyway..^^;

Well,see you all!
Take care!!!!!^_^

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Sunday, July 17, 2005


Hi there!!
How's everyone doing?!!!
I hope you're day is going well so far^_^

It was raining just now and the TV didn't work..my sister was going all out crazy on meT-T..cuz she was missing her fav. show...Kowai*shiver*..you should have seen her...madness was in her eyes..T-T...it was like having a really pissed off Kagura Sohma(from Fruits Basket) in my house..T-T

I was able to watch anime on Friday and Saturday...ah,what a bliss^.^!!

Wow..only 5 more days til my birthday^.^!!!!!!
As you may know,with my sister's help..we made the EternalFaction site on MyO to give out HTML and CSS codes and graphics for you all to use..but I have another present..Fruits Basket fan will be delighted!!!!If you're not a fan...hmm*ponders*..well...^^;*ponders*

I'll be changing my layout on my bday as well..^^

WootWoot!!Phase 39:Kira of the Sky.
Only 11 episodes of GSEED Destiny left!!
I'm listening to Shinn Asuka's image song-Primal Innocence..very good^^!!!!!!!!!!

I find this funny...
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

That's all for now!
I hope your week-end was pleasent!
Take care^^

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Thursday, July 14, 2005



Hi there!!
I hope your day is going well so far^^

Yes,cable's back!!My dad's friend came and fixed it^.^
Never will I take dub anime for granted..lol
Wow..now on YTV Gundam SEED reruns every week day^.^They got Shamna King,One Piece and Sonic X on Saturday cartoon block"Vortex" now...if only they would air Naruto...dub:Ninja Academy..I think..>_>;;..FMA would be good too..or Samurai Champloo...^^;

[+]Guess what this is for-->8 days left...

My best friend,Marylène called me yesterday..she invited to go see Fantastic 4..I want to go!!!So I can complain about it afterworth..lol..usually comicbooks turned into movies aren't as good..*cough..Hulk*...and most of them screwed a lot of characters up...*glances at X-men and sequel*..and some of them are..well...fall short on quality and originality..and a lot of other aspects...compared to the original movies*glares at Batman:Begins*I could tell you all why..but that will take forever...lol
So,yeah..I'm a big comicbook fan..weither it's Marvel,DC,europeen comics(Tintin,Lupin,Asterix and Obelix...)or manga...I'm all there^.^

Anyway..my mom won't let me go..she says:"You got better ways to spend your money on.."..As if!!I hardly go to the movies...not even once a month!!Sure,I go shopping a lot..but I usually come back empty-handed..>_>;;
The only things I buy are manga and anime DVDs...*sigh*
But I'll stop complaining...must respect mother's wishes..I may not realize it yet..but it 10 years or so,I'll come to appreciate what my mom does for me...yeah,I would say to myself:"If my mom hadn't prohibit me to go to the movies that day..I wouldn't be the person I am today..gosh,she provented me from going astray and directed me to the right path in life..."...lol
Yeah,but until then..I'll still complain..a little..lol

Anyway...now you are listening Gravitation's"Super Drive"-OP theme^^Enjoy..I'll try to get"Glaring Dreams"ED theme...

Remember to check out this site:
Make poverty history!!!!
[ Click here!!]

Have a wonderful afternoon!!!
Take care!

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