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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

   China Town!!!!!

Hi there!!!
Ogenki kai??

I was looking for Stellar's image song...but the files were so huge!!!I was able to find one that's 5.47 MB..not bad..but if I ever put on my site(which I will..eventually...must do Cagalli,Lacus,Saiyuki,Bleach,Heine,Waltfeld X Aisha layout first..but I'll probably change my mind..lol)

I really like my lil *star cursor..lol
Have you notice that it blinks/shines/sparkles..o_O...everytime you hover over a link(hover over..lol)
I could save the sparkly star cursor..cuz it's a cur file...so,I save the plain one and use a code to make it sparkle..hehehe^.^

Yesterday,I went to my old Junior High school..God,if I could,I would try to avoid steping into that infernal hell/prison...lol
But my mom made me go,cuz she can't speak French well..>_>;;
And she kept nagging me...Argh!!!
She always ask why am I afraid to go ask ppl questions..it's not that I'm afraid..I just don't want to bother them with stupid questions..

My dad's operation's went well..
I'll be visiting him today..so if I can't make it to your site,I'm deeply sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*bows*

The hospital where he's staying,St-Luc,is close to China Town..so,hopefully..I might be able to go to some shopping...Yatta!Pocky sticks by the dozen!!!!!^_______^

Oh!I'm working on a Lunamaria Hawke fanart..though..it's been awhile since I haven't drawn anything besides anime..so,I decided to draw her in a more realistic style..though,I still gave it a anime feel...

I can't wait to see Phase 44:Two Lacus...hehehe,the title says it all..^____~
Well,I just listended to the new song from FictionJunction YUUKA(she sang Akatsuki no Kuruma)-
Honoo no Tobira which translate to Door of Flame..honoo means Flame,right?..

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Monday, August 15, 2005

   New layout^^

Hi there!
Ohayo gozaimasu!!!*waves^___^*

I wasn't suppose to change it until a later on..but since I had nothing to do...need to get a bette social life..I know..*sigh*lol

Well,since my sister loves Hello Kitty..decided to make a layout out of Sanrio characters...
And it's Nyago,the sleeping neko-san..hehehe..he's so cute!
But my fav. character's Pochacco!!

Aahh,I remember..when I was little..I would TRY to wake up every Saturday morning at 7 O'* to watch Kitty and Mimmy show..lol

Who's your fav. Sanrio character?

I love stars..that's why this theme involves hoshi...
As you may notice..there's sparklin' hoshi's every where..lol
And that's why I chosed the song "Shine We Are" by BoA(I love her music!!)...

Heheheh..I made up that lil quote on my wallpaper..^^;
"In my dreams,I shine like a star,so let me sleep!"..lol

I hope you like this theme^____^

I added a counter...to see how many ppl are on my site..lol(don't know why I'm laughing..o_O)

Kyaaaahh!!!!Only 7 more episodes of Gundam SEED Destiny!!!
And the new E.A. trio are very interesting..lol

Still praying for my Otou-san for a good recovery..

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Sunday, August 14, 2005


Hi there!
Genki kai?

I just listened to Auel Neidler(GSEED Destiny)'s image song called Pale Repetition and Sting Oakley-Eden of Necessity,both from the Suit 7 CD.Very good songs^^

I found the song I as looking for-Cagalli's image song,Precious Rose-!!!I love this song..fits Cagalli so well..and it's the first time I hear Naomi Shindou(Cagalli's seiyuu)sing..never heard her sing before with her othre character roles..Sugoi!
Thanks for all the music site suggestions...
I foud the song at a AsuCaga(Athrun x Cagalli coupling) shrine:Here!

So,I extracted the mp3 from the winzip file,host it and thank god!The file as under 5 MB(you see,any file bigger than that will take too much time to upload..so,it's kina useless to use that as a background music...and it takes less web space^_~)!

So look for a Cagalli Yula Atha theme in the near future...it will be my first time doing a Cagalli layout on MyO..^^

I'm working on my other..finally..so expect chapter 102 to be up soon and I'll work on my Mabudachi Trio page not only that it will have my banners for the club-Super Handsome Blossom Trio-I'll also include character profiles.

And I have to organize the fanlistings that I've joined..must get all the URL's...>_>;;

My dad won $200 in the lottery^_^
And speaking of my Otou-san..he just left..for the hospital..I think he's having an operation..he has liver problem...now,I'm all worried..T-T
All,I can do his pray for a good recovery...

My sister's bday is in 8 days^____^
Must think of a gift..hmm,she likes The Sisterhood of the Traveling pants book series..I should buy her the new tome that came out...or maybe the latest vol. of Tsubasa...*ponders*

Oh,and I added my Mankin wall(the one I'm using on my layout)..now I must add my Yzak Jule walls..

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Saturday, August 13, 2005


Hi there!
Ogenki desu ka?

I did all my chores this morning...>_>;;

I'm still looking for the song-PreciousRose sung Naomi Shindou(Cagalli Yula Atha's image song)...

I'll try to work on my other site on freewebs...

And I was thinking of making a Stellar Loussier Shrine someday..in the near future..cuz,I haven't seen a site dedicated to her as of yet...even though Lacus's my fav. character..but I've seen lots of shrine...
I think I can get a free domaine..we'll see..
But that project will have to wait..^^;

My sister's bday is coming soon..so I'll be changing my layout for that special event^.^
Like she did for me^______^
Love you,imouto!!!!!!!!!!

Speaking of my lil sis,she changed her layout to Kira Yamato!!!
There's a link to her site at the bottom of this post^^

Sorry for this randomness...
My update has no sense..lol

I have to go ask my mom if i can go shopping with Mi-chan(who's also a MyO member-Miharu-san)...must buy manga..and shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thursday, August 11, 2005


Hi there!!
How are you all doing???Good,I hope!^^

****NOTÉ BIEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:
Does any know where I can download Cagalli Yula Atha(from Gundam SEED)'s image song????
The site where I usually download from is close..T-T...
If anyone finds/knows a site or have the file on their comp.Please PM me!!!
Or E-mail me the file.
I would prefer if the file was 5 MB or lower..but if it's not..it's ok^^
In return,I shall host you your music to put on your MyO and MyO only!!!
You can pick any song,as long as it's under 5 MB.
I shall host the music for you for a certain time...subject to discuss..
But,you can change the song everytime you want...but I'll have to delete the previous one..^^;

Thank you in advance!
Click on the thumbnails to view larger pics^^

Here's a couple of pics of my lil new born niece!!!Her name's Isabella^__________^She's half portuguese and cambodian.
That's my living room...

and here's a pic of my 2 lil cousins(the one on the left-Alicia is from the US and the the other one-Crystal- is from Montreal)
And that's my backyard...you can see the spash pool..

Chapter 101 is down below!
If you want chap.100 please go to my site on feewebs!!^^

I'll visit you as soon as possible!!!

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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

   hmm...*thinks of a title*..o_O

Hi there!
How are you all doing today?

I didn't have the chance to work on my site on FreeWebs...
If I don't get the chance again...would you like me to post chapter 101 of Fruits Basket and some scans here on MyO?

I'm happy that you guys like my fan art!

Do you guys like my current song"Trust You"?..I find it a bit annoying that the song doesn't have a control panel...since my music file is a rbs.file..I can't use it in an embed tag...*sigh*..I'll try to figure out how to conver it into mp3..while trying to keep the file small!!!!*sigh*..

Alot of people Pm to know where I get my music..since I always mamage to get an exact song that I want...
I don't take songs out of other ppl site..that's stealing alot of bandwiths!!!!>_>;; unless,it's a music code providing site..
So,I host my own music.

Anyway..if you want to hear other songs from Shaman King,please tell me^^I'm thinking of chaging it to Omokage-Anna's image song...
But Trust You goes with my overall theme...oh well!

Gomen,I was able to visit all of your sites for the past days..I think my tomodachi list is a bit too long..but I don't really like to delete ppl...guess,it can't be help,can it?*sigh*...

I want to go shopping...haven't done so for awhile now..
I'm falling behing in Shaman King..must buy vol.26 and 27..same goes for Fruits Basket vol.13 and 14...even though,I've already read them..my friend always wondered why I even bother to buy manga's that I've already read..but I'm kinda of a completionist..If it's a serie I really love,I want to own the old set...lol..

And I need new clothes for back-to-school...atlease new shoes...and shirts...

Well,I'll do my best to visit!!!^__^

Here's a pic of a J-Rock band called High and Mighty Color..they sung for Gundam SEED Destiny..I was jumping for joy when I heard they wre chossen to sing the 2nd OP^.^

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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Tuesday, August 9, 2005


Hi there!
Ogenki desu ka?

Layout's done!I decided to put the menu bar back...
And I added a header banner..where it says "Add me as a friend" and "Private Message"...cool,huh?Took me a while to figure out how to do that..I saw it on someone's MyO..but they don't except Pm for codes..and she's not on my friend list..And I don't want to sign her gb and add her on my list just to get codes...that's not right!If I ever sign her gb,it would be because I want to befriend her and nothing else^^
So,it was kinda hard to make that code..well,not exactly "make"..since I clearly didn't make it..just trying to figure out how it works and all...
I'm geting better with CSS^^
Just learn the basic and everythings comes easily..sort of..lol

I submitted a new fan art..it's been awhile since I've posted one...
Art featuring Rukia from Bleach!My first complete Bleach fan art!^^;
Usually I would just draw sketches of Ichigo and co. and I would never color them..too lazy...
I actually to the time to color the background..usually,as you may notice..I would just draw abstract bg...yeah,laziness..^^;

Feel free to check it out and voting and comments are very appriciate it!^_____^

I have a Neopet!
Here's the description I wrote on Neopet.com
"Hi!This is my Kau..stating the obvious..>_>;
He's named after Yuki Sohma's nickname that was given to him by Kakerou from Fruits Basket^.^(but added the -Kun..)
Isn't he kawaii?!!!o_O..*glares*Isn't he?!!!...
Say it!!!!He's cute!!!
Don't you even think of making high healed leather boots out off him!!!..lol
YunYunKun says:"Hajimemashite!*bows*".
Aww..he's so polite!!!
When he was born,his first word was:"Kupo!".

Kau...funny word..my sister pronounces it like Ko..cuz 'au' in French is like an 'o'...but I think it pronounces like 'cow'...
As for his name..lol,YunYunKun..hahaha,funny..^_______^

This is what he looks like:^

Oh,since I'm sharing the comp with 2 other siblings..I won't have the time to update on my site on Freewebs...
So if you want..I can post Chapter 101 of Fruits Basket here on MyO..and of course,I also have scans!So please tell me when you comment^^

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Monday, August 8, 2005

   Happy Bday Yzak!!!

Hi there!
Guess what?
Today's Yzak Jule-from Gundam SEED and GSD- birthday!!!!!!!!!Woohoo!!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

New theme..for the special occasion..lol
It's not quite don yet...I have to fix the link effects ans such..

I hope you like it...I think the bg is one of my best wallpaper yet^^
Speaking of wallpaper,made 2 new ones!

Latetly,I didn't have time to work on my other site..Chapter 101 of Fruits Basket will be up soon!!!!!!!!

Oh,now I have a neopet!!!!!!!!
Hehehe,my sister kinda force me to sign up and get one...
I'll show you what it looks liek tomorrow...^^

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Sunday, August 7, 2005


Hi there!
Hope your day is going well so far!

Most of you voted for Kingdom Hearts for my next theme...
Well...I'M GOING AGAINST YOU ALL!!!!!!!MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!And chose Shaman King^_____^
Sorry about that^^*bows*..but I don't feel like doing KH..for now anyway...
Anyway,I was searching for a Mankin wallpaper..and couldn't find any that I like..well,that fits with the song "Trust You"...
So,made a wallpaper myself..it turned out pretty good..it's kinda soft pink..featuring Anna X Yoh^.^
And with that wallpaper,I made a banner and 2 avatars..I wanted to make a transparent GIF using GIFFY Program.
You can download it,HERE!
It will only take about a few seconds,cuz it's a small file.It's very cool,cuz you don't need an advance programs like Paint Shop Pro,PhotoShop or Adobe,etc..to make fancy graphics...^^
Trick for those who only have MS Paint:

1.Copy an image you want to use as your avatar.

2.Crop and resize it to 100x100(or any other size you want,but I always use 100x100..^^;)

3.Use the Rectangle Tool to make a border around your image.

4.Select second option(right click)on the color Brigh Green(you can miss it,it's all flashy)

5.While you have selected the second option,use the Rectangle tool again and draw out rectangles where you want it to be tranparent(kinda like umaking your own templates)

6.Be creative!!!In those green areas,you can add stuff,like some text or using the Pencil Tool to make sparkles,etc.

7.Save it in BITMAP!!!!!!!!OTHER EXTENSIONS LIKE JEPEG OR GIF will screw up everything!!!!!!!!

8.Open the GIFFY program and click on the button wher it says Load BMP.

9.Check the box where it says "Transparent" and click on an area of your image where it's bright green.Now you'll see a lil square underneath the Trasnparent option that says"Tr.[Color/brigh green]"<--square

10.Click on the button that says"Save GIF" and voila!!!!!!!!!!!
You now have a fancy avatar!!

Anyway,my brother deleted my avatar that I made and GIFFY..And I was too lazy to reinstall the program..That bastard!!!!!!

Does anyone know how to make a GIF with Paint Shop Pro?

Gundam Rumors!!!!
I read that there'll be a third season of Gundam SEED!!!
Still until
-Double Destiny
-Mwu's Counter Attack
-Mo $(I know WTF?)
-Gundam Seed Eternity
...will air on October 2006.
Source from Gunota:
"Posted at Useless Plamoya-san's Diary, the next Gundam series following DESTINY is planned for Oct 2006. However, the next series will not be SEED series. The blog states the staff will be made up so it will completely go away from SEED. The same post mentions Zeta and SEED will be the bulk of future model kit releases until this new series airs.

While information posted at Useless Plamoya-san's Diary have been reliable in the past, take this news with some grain of salt."

Source from Animesuki:

"Gudnam SEED,The Break.

It is a HUGE discussion of this issue.

Fukuda is going to be replaced, which according to that bbs is the best news ever to the Japanese Gundam fans. This series hasn't been finalized meaning the title could change but the storyline has been set already.The story is set 1 year aftre GSD.

Shaw is the "new main character" who pilots "Slash Gundam". Kira and co. will play an important role.Like in GSD,Kira will be the main focus afterworth..well,that's my opinion^^

Now,wasn't that interesting?o_O..^^

I joined a new club..Lacus Clyne fan club!Founded by Ayame Clyne.

And I also added 2 walls of Lacus and Meer^^

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Friday, August 5, 2005


Ohayo gozaimasu!!!!
How are you all doing?

I went to school yesterday...>_>;;
I haven't seen any of my friends..I should have probably woke up earlier..oh,well...I'll just have to wait until the 30th...
I miss you all my dearest tomodachi's!!!!!!!!!!

My Buss pass/student ID picture isn't that bad..best one yet..though the photographer had to take it 2 time..I kinda felt of the chair...woohoo..good thing I have some reflexes and didn't land on my butt^.^d*YOSH!!!*

Here are the course I'll be taken this year:
-Math sec.4 and 5
(sec.4=10th grade and 5=11th..I failed my final..T-T..actually,almost half of secondary 4 failed..and my mark wasn't that low..)

-French sec.5

-English,First Language
(I've already pass my Regular English cours for sec.5..this is just for those who can speak English fuidly..you see..English class is separeted into 3 type course;Regular,Bilingual and First Language...)

-P.E.(I get have gym again..woohoo..)

-Home Ecomony

-Concentration Art(<--must read it in French...it's an advance art course..though,anyone can take this class..)

-Web and graphic design

I think that's pretty much it...

And I got my new school agenda...I always print an anime pick and stick it on the cover...what anime shall it be this year..hmm*ponders*...It'll be fun decorating it..heheh,we're not suppose to though...

Hey!!!In 4 days,it will be Yzak Jule's Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!I almost forgot!Baka!*slaps forhead*
So,I'll be keeping this layout until the 8th...wow,this layout is the longest that I have kept...lol

What should my next layout be..*pnders*...
-Kingdom Hearts(song:Simple and Clean orRemix of SaC or Color)

-Gundam SEED Destiny(song:Kimi wa Boku ni Niteiru-New ED or Wings of Word or Vestige..or othre songs)

-Shaman King(song:Over Soul,Northen Lights,Trust You,Sano Saki no Justice...)

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