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Friday, September 2, 2005


Hi there!!
Ogenki desu ka??

Wow...school is actually fun now...
I mean,since I'm in secondary 5(senior year) I get a lot more option courses..
I chose graphic and web design class..it's so cool=^.^=!!!

The first class..we didn't do much...she just ask us to create a web space on geocities,though I already made one before..lol

I was afraid that I would be the only girl in that course..but there's a few of them..^^;

The teacher asked of anyone knows HTML..5 ppl raised their hand,including me.
" " " ppl who knows CSS..I was the only one who had my hand up...It was kinda embaressing,everyone was staring at me...>_>;;
then she asked me if I knew Manuscripts and Javascripts and I said yes..she look very impressed...o_O

I hate my art teacher!!!!!!!!!!!What a hypocrite!!!!!!!!!!!!I,ll tell you why later...

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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

   Teachers are on strike...again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi there!!
WootWoot!!No school!!!
It's been rainning like crazy and the power went out...!@_@;;

[EDIT]The power's back after an hour^^[/EDIT]

My mom made me called the electricity company..to know whenthe power will be back...shheesh...lol

Yatta!New layout!
I know I said it was going to be Stellar..but my sister wanted us to do a theme together..so it's Momiji Sohma!!Kawaii lil usagi!!!

But i'm having problems with the music...>_>;;

[EDIT]The music's fine now..though my pop-up enter script doesn't work on MyO!!T-T[/EDIT]

It's supposed to be Mimi-kun(my nickname for Momiji^.^lol)'s song...he and Tohru sang when they went to the Onsen..."Teru Teru Momiji!".

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Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Hi there!
How's everyone day??o_O

Today's the first day of school..and it will be my last year of High school.."Huha!"to that!
God!!!It was so boring..no activities..NOTHING!!!All because of the teacher strike(that's been going on since last year...).
So,tomorrow,NO SCHOOL!!!!!^.^

But is was great seeing my friends again!They all gave me presents for my bday.
Élyze and Valery gave me a bookmark with my name on it and vol.1 of "Negima!".A serie by the great mangaka who created Love Hina..Ken Akamatsu!
Genevieve[she's also a MyO member:Chilie] gave me a cute portfolio and a pack of prismacolor pencils..hehehe,I needed new ones.
Oh,BTW..It's Genevieve's Birthday tomorrow!!!!!^.^

I need to get her a present...but I'm..almost..broke..lol..^^;

I have homework in English...argh!

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Sunday, August 28, 2005


Hi there!
Hope you're all doing great today?

[Memo]My next layout will feature Stellar Loussier from Gundam SEED Destiny...I think..still not sure..^^;[/Memo]

I've been having weird dreams lately..and some random anime character would pop in now and then...o_O...

I watched 4KIDS TV yesterday..they aired a preview episode of...GI JOE!!!..Hahahahah...^^;
Well,that is..GI JOE meets anime ninja...lol

Here's a pic of an anime that i really like..classic story,mech action...rivalry..lol
The character design looks quite familar,ne?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Does the name Hirai Hisashi rings any bells?If not,he's also the charac. designer of Gundam SEED and Gundam SEED Destiny^___^

Here's a sypnosis of the anime-Soukyuu no Fafner,Dead Agressor-..though I think it's more of an OVA(in terms of quality...)

Kazuki is back abroad on its native island after a few years.
Hardly arrived, an enemy appears, floating on water, ready to attack the island. The inhabitants of the island run to take refuge in the shelters envisaged for this purpose. Only two young boys, Soushi and same Kazuki, are called within a team in order to fight this monster in a giant robot, Fafner.

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Friday, August 26, 2005

   Yay!!InuYasha the 2nd movie!!

Hi there!!
How are you all doing today?

My cousin from the US are coming..to visit my dad-who's in the hospital-and all...

Tonight will be the Canadian premiere of InuYasha-The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass-
Not my fav. IY movie..but I was always fascinated by the legend of the Tsuki Hime,Kaguya...^^;

Sorry if I wasn't able to make it to your site..I tried to visit evryone who updated..but sharing the comp. with 2 siblings makes it hard..gomen!*bows*
I'll do my best to visit today!!!!!

I'm working on Chapters 103 and 104 of Fruits Basket..so check out my other site in a couple of days or so...

It's kinda weird that YTV will air Yu-Gi-Oh! GX..even though the series hasn't ended yet...they still need to show the Kaiba Grand Prix arc and the Memory arc and the ending...did I miss any arc?

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Thursday, August 25, 2005


Hi there!
How's everyone??

Sorry if I wasn't able to visit you!!*bows*I've been working on my other site...My site on Freewebs has been updated!So,feel free to check it out!

Random thought:I honnestly wanted to start off my post by saying something that goes like this:"Now my life consist of counting potatoes on the web..."You must be going "WTF?!!o_O"...hehehe..I was refering to a Neopet game...
But when you think about..there's a small-if not,even bigger- profound meaning..almost witty...
I'll explain...*ahem!!cough..clears throat*...*glares from side to side*...
Got to clue!^___^d*YOSH!*
Heheheh..how pathetic!..
That's quite troublesome..but my wannabe-mangaka intuition is telling me that there is a hidden meaning...hmm..*ponders*..how troublesome...
Well..it kinda reflects our current life style..in today's society...

Gomen..heheheh..forget what I just said..I just need to babble out some nonsense...which at some cases scares people...
I find interesting to see how people would react to such ramble...it tells alot about that person whom you asked those sort of things,ne?
Aaaaah!!!Fine pearls of wisdom<--don't pay attention to that..lol

Here's a scene caption from Fruits Basket...You,ll understand what I'm saying(refering to the above)..not really..^^;

Shigure:I'm about to wet my pants!*opens bathroom door*
Hana: Didn't you see the cleaning sign?
Shigure:Ah, sorry sorry.
Hana:I'm cleaning this right now.
Shigure:I'll do it really quick...
Hana:They say you can understand how an electric wave flows by watching how water flows. There is a reason for that. You know that 60% of the human body is composed of water, don't you? In other words, minus the flesh, humans are only water. Despite that, I think people underestimate miso too much. The real fault is being inexperienced by having an obsession with eating...
Shigure:*slams door*


Gundam Talk:
You must know by now that Bandai has licensed Gundam SEED Destiny,right?If not..you must have been living under a rock..or like a hermit or ascete...or that you just don't care cuz you're not much of a Gudnam fan...^^;

Well,certain names have been dubbed...
I only know 1 name actually that has been changed.
And it's Stellar's...>. Dub:Stella
Close enough..same meaning..not the same nice ring tough!!!
Stellar..it's just prettier,it has a very nice ring to it...T-TWhy Bandai or Blue Ocean(dub corp.)??!!!

Well,I'll be going school shoping for my sis's books...

Gomen for the long and random post!!!*bows*

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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

[awkward silence]...

Hi there!!!

WootWoo!!Phase 44 of Gundam SEED Destiny!!!BEST EPISODES YET!!!!

Well,my dad will have to remain in the hospital for another 2 months..T-T

I'm broke...no money*wines*T-T
Need job!!!
God and my school bill will be enormous!Since I'm in a special program called:"Concentration"<--must say in in french..Concentration Art..to be exact and so is my bros.
Those kinds of programs aren't cheap!!!

We're are on a tight budget,since my dad won't be working and my mom is a stay-home..well,mom...
God,my brother wants to buy new shoes..saying that his old ones aren't good now..since it's out-dated....WHO THE HELL CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He wears one of those PhatFarm sneakers..it's spankin' white!!It's not even ruined or anything and he wants new shoes?!!!!!!Argh!!!
I've been wearing my old Sketchers ever since Secondary 2(same as 9th grade)..yeah,my feet stopped growing a long time ago...lol...And you don't hear me complain...

I'll be changing my layout soon..like in 2 weeks or so...but would you prefer to keep this current theme or change it??
If I ever change it..it would probably be Gundam...don't know which Gundam Series...maybe Zeta or V Gundam..or even ZZ Gundam..or how about Gundam X...
You know..I see Gundam Wing,Gundan SEED and Gundam SEED Destiny everywhere..not classic..T-T..lol

Only 6 days left til school starts..I think...o_O

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Monday, August 22, 2005

Today's Sweetrose's 12th Bday!!!!!!!!!!

Hi there!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIL SIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!^_________^


We ate a good vanilla cake..though it was a litle too sweet...

My dad called this morning from the hospital to wish her happy BDay and all..so sweet^_______^

Anyway..if you have the time..please go visit my imouto and wish her "Bonne Fête!"<--French for Happy Birthday..lol

Wow..she's 12 now..though..still looks like a munchkin...lol

Only 8 days left til school starts.....T-T...
God..I'm sure my school bill will be a lil pricy this year...*sigh*

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Saturday, August 20, 2005


Hey you all!!!!
I hope your day was good...^^

It rained..T-T

Otou-san went for another operation..They've already found a donator for a new liver..wow so soon!He's so lucky..my dad only had to wait for about a month...
My mom went to see this morning and after the operation..the doctor and nurses all said that the operation was a complete succes!!!Everything went perfectly...my dad's very fortunate!!

Though..it's too bad that my dad won't be at home for my sister(Sweetrose)'s birthday..T-T

My bro,sister and I went shopping for back-to-school while my mom went to the hospital..so my uncle drove us..and I had to baby-sit my cousin...wootwoot...^^;
I wanted to buy new prismacolor pencils..but I'll wait..since I don't have that much money on me and I wanted to buy manga..I bought 2^_______^
And I don't really need new school supply..I'll just reuse my old binders and such..actually I don't even use binders..I would just put all my papers in my school manual...hehehe..Most of my teachers go crazy went I do that..but hey,it saves money and I don't have to carry alot of stuff..lol(God,I'm lazy..^.^)

I posted my new Lunamaria fan art..so if you would be so kind and comment and even vote..either one would be deeply appreciated!!!^____^*bows*

Big news for Canadians who watches YTV;Up coming animes:
-Naruto(yay!!It's not called Ninja Academy!!!)
-Yu-Gi-Oh GX(WootWoot!..well,compared to the original..it's not all that..)
-MewMew Power(Tokyo MewMew)
-Ghost in the Shell:Stand alone Complex(WootWoot!)
-Zatch Bell
-Pokemon Chronicles
-Avatar(never heard of that show..o_O)

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Thursday, August 18, 2005

   Hi there!

Huhah to everyone!
lol,I have no clue what "Huha!" mean..but what floats your boat..^__^d

I'm in a cheery mood..lol

Yesterday,this this delivery truck(it has a logo of a flower shop) came and game us this HUGE fruit basket with chocolate and cookies...Wow!!!
It's a gift from all of my dad's co-workers!!!God,they're so kind!!!!
We weren't able to visit my Otou-san today..so,we'll go tomorrow and bring him the present and he'll might be able to get out tomorrow.hopefully^_____^

I still have another week of freedom til school...*Huha!* for that!

I added the lyrics to Shine We Are! in my intro..I'll have to fix it to get the timing right..^^;
Have you notice that the lyrics changes color?Sugoi,ne?
I was fooling around with codes and got that result..lol
Don't exactly know how I did though...^_____^

Is anyone a member of Minitokyo.net
I'm a member for awhile now...but I wasn't very active on that site..too busy with MyO and such...
Anyway,I went through the site and they have a pretty good scan gallery...but you have to be at level 10 to be able to downlaod them..>_>;;..nothing's easy..*sigh*..
So,yesterday,I started posting my art and wall. and I'm at level 9 now..Huha!

My comp is acting up...I can open a window..and most of my programs..weird..so,I have to open my MSN and click to go to my e-mail..and blabla..so that a window will open...
So,I can't use my scanning program..so you'll have to wait for awhile to see my Lunamaria fan art...Gomen..

Speaking of fan art,I'm working on a Stellar Loussier,Meyrin Hawke and Aisha pic..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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