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Friday, September 30, 2005


Hi there!!
I hope you're doing well!!!!

I'm at school right now..lol^^;
In my web design class...
I working on frames..already know how,DIV layers are so fun to make^^Tables are so complicated!!!God!I want to make a pop-up div layer for my character shrine..though I still don't know which character I'll make a shrine of..*sigh*..
Hopefully,I'll be able to get my site(the charac. shrine) hosted on a collective server and get a domain...or I'll just might purchase a domain myself...

I alopogize for not being on for the last few days*bows*I tried to visit as often though^^

In art class,we have to make a mask or head(or whatever you call it) with a balloon using news paper...as scuplt facial features using toilet paper...my work's coming on good...I can't wait to paint it!!!That's the fun part!!lol for me anyway^^;

Have a great week-end minna-san!!!!!!


Bringing back this short clip from episode 20-ish something(can't remeber^^;)featuring Ichimaru Gin-Captain of the 3rd division(he's also one of my fav. Captain..I lvoe his evil smirk and those eyes of his..lol)-battling Ichigo Kurosaki^^

**Nota:To view the clip again,right click on the video and select Play/Pause.

A Shinigami once said and I quote:"Damn Ichimaru he has funky eyebrows!"
Heheheh,so hilarious!!

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Sunday, September 25, 2005

*ponders for a subject title*

Hello everyone!!!

I'm almost done with my HW^^

I appologized if I didn't get to your site yesterday...I had problems with the comment pop-up window...*sigh*

I'm listening to Lost Heaven(FullMetal Alchemist-the Movie) performed by Arc~En~Ciel!!I love that band!!=^.^=
I'll put it on MyO someday...sounds good?

It seems that more and more people are getting interested in Bleach..hehehe^.^
The anime isn't as good as the manga..don't really like the character design in the anime...
But the music is so grand!
If you love Orange Range and Rie Fu as much as I do,you'll want to buy the OST!

With that said,thank you for reading and I'll be sure to visit you guys.I leave you with this clip featuring Ichimaru Gin-Captain of the 3rd division(he's also one of my fav. Captain..I lvoe his evil smirk and those eyes of his..lol)-battling Ichigo Kurosaki^^

**Nota:To view the clip again,right click on the video and select Play/Pause.

A Shinigami once said and I quote:"Damn Ichimaru he has funky eyebrows!"
Heheheh,so hilarious!!

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Saturday, September 24, 2005


Hi there!!!
Ogenki desu ka??

I went shopping with my friends yesterday..only got manga though-Shaman King vol.27 and Bleach vol.11(Only 4 more volumes of Shaman King left!!!) ..clothes were too expensive...^^;
Gosh,you should see what much some friends spent..lol

Need to do my English and Math HW...but I'm procrastinating..lol^^;

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Oh,here's a scan from chapter 47,featuring Urahara Kisuke and his band of misfits employees^___^
Urahara's my fav. character,along with Arabai Renji(who by the way was on the cover of the 11th volume^_~!)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Hi everyone!!!
How was your day??

In P.E. I ran 3 minutes more than last time^^!!!Huha!!!

Got to do English HW and Math..>_>;;

When school was over,I was kinda late...so the bus was full!!!
So,I walked to the back..and there was this lil 9th grader,sitting on the bench,taking the whole place like it was his sofa or something..Feh!
So,I asked him if I could sit there..and he shooked his head!!
So,I asked the guy behind him the same question and he say no!!With a freakin' smirk!!!And this other guy just laugh!!!!
Bravo!!Wow,really,how mature...Feh!
I didn't say anything..just kept walking toward the last seats and I asked this other guy if I could sit,he looked like he was hesitating..FOR GOD SAKE!!!!Then,he finally moved over,went to the last seat with his friend...*sigh*Some ppl can be so rude...>_>;;

Oh well,here's a pic that can cheer up any girl^_~It's Abarai Renji,the vice Captain of the 6th Division from Bleach!!!One of my fav. character!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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Monday, September 19, 2005


Hi there!
Ogenki desu ka?o_O

Took the picture^^;
God,it was so uncomfortable..the way the photographer wanted us to pose..>_>;;
If my picture turns out good..or atleast decent enough..I'll might post it my MyO..if anyone is curious about what I look like..lol^^;

I realize that I type way too fast!!@_@;;
And thus make LOTS of typos...Gomen!!!
I'll try hard not to make mistakes ,so that when you read my post it will be more enjoyable^___^
In computer class,my friend is stunned when she sees me type..lol
Though not as fast as the cordinators(like Kira or Athrun) in Gundam SEED..whoo!You should see how fast they type,it's like almost humanly impossible..lol

Woot!I don't have that much HW to do..so,I'll be able to visit your sites!^.^

Oh,I took out the background music..so that you can enjoy this Naruto Ninja parody!!
Hard-core fans might find this offending,but I tend to believe that all ppl have a healthy sens humor and are able to enjoy this...ne?o_O

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Sunday, September 18, 2005

New layout^^

Hi there!!
*sigh*It's Sunday..v.v
Hope your day is going well so far..is it??

Kyyaaaah,tomorrow's my Senior year book photo...T-T
I don't my picture taken..>_>;;
I always look hmm..awkward..o_O

Oh,last week,all of the senior student had to go outside in front of the school to have a group picture...we're about 500 seniors,outside,pushing each other so that we can be in the pic..@_@;;
I thought I was going to be runnover by ppl..lol
The photographer was on the roof and he took his sweet time before actually taking the pic,sheesh...

Well,I decided to do a Bleach theme..since I haven't done previously...
I was hesitating to whether put D-Technolife(by UNDERworld) or Houkiboshi(the song currently playing)...

I didn't want a busy background,something simple...
I couldn't find the character profile sketch of Kisuke(my fav. chracter^^)..so,Ichigo it is!!
But my date banner features the witty Kisuke-kun!!!..lol..=^.^=

I finished my novel that we had to read for French class in 1 day!!!
Wow,it's a record for me!!!!!
The novel's called The Giver.
God,very interesting!
Now,I must write an essay and make a sociogram...a metaphoric sociagram or whatever...^^;

Gomen,for the long post*bows*

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Friday, September 16, 2005


Hi there!!!
How's your day been??

Heheheh,I'm at school right now,in my Web and graphic design class^^

We're learning HTML basic..well,everyone else is learning..I'm just practicing.lol^^;

I'm on my own,trying to make entry form...

Kyyaaa!I haven't updated my other site(the one on Freewebs)...^^;
Gomen nai!*bows*

But I added more codes in the EternalFaction section^^

Now,I'll just have to finish the summaries for Fruits Basket chapters 103,104 and 105..and so on..and have to scan some manga pages..^^

I'll try to change my layout soon...what theme shall it be??
Any suggestions?What would you like ot see and most important...what would you like to hear??!!For the bg music...
1-Random angel
music:Heaven(by DJ Sammy)

2-Stellar Loussier
music:Shinkai no Kudoku

3-Inu Yasha(or any other characters from the anime)

4-Inu Yasha(or any other characters from the anime-I didn't cope&paste it,I actually rewrote it!!!Kudos to me..lol)
music:No More Words

5-Cagalli Yula Atha
music:Precious Rose

6-Sting Oakley
music:Eden of Necessity

7-Auel Neidler
musci:Pale Repetition

*long sigh*lol^^;

Does anyone know the manga series called Angel Sanctuary??By the amazing Kaoru Yuki,my idol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well,the serie has been turned into a 3 episode anime...(a long time ago)
There are no other episodes!!!!!Right??!My friend believes that there are more....
The OVA is 3 episodes long condensing volumes 1 to 4(half og 4) and that's it!
But she says otherwise...o_O???
Are there any more episodes that came out??!!!
From what I know..no...*sigh*

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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

What a hot day...^^;

Hey everyone!!!
Hope your day was a good one^^

Lots of HW..argh!

Got P.E tomorrow..must run around the football field for 15 mins..@_@;;Going to die..I'll probably be able to run for 10 mins...

Kyyyyaaaahh!Only 3 more episodes of Gundam SEED Destiny left!!!

Speaking of GSEED..for Halloween,my friends and I might going to cosplay as the cast of Gundam SEED and GSEED Destiny...I'm probably cosplaying as Lunamaria,maybe Stellar or Lacus ..if I have the money..and if I ever get the costume done,I'll probably wear it to a con...eh,who knows..

If I have time,I'll change my layout this week-end...
I'll try to make it really different...lol
Cagalli or Stellar..hmm..*ponders*

In web and graphic designing class,I have to make a little webbie using FTP,so that's cool..I always wanted to try out FTP..it's alot easier when changing layouts...I want to learn PHP also...
And later on,we'll be making animated GIF and all sort of graphics^.^

Our school bought 198(I think) new computers,so that there'll a comp. in each class room and in the hallways...

Here's a cute pic of Goku from Saiyuki!!!!I know..totally random..>_>;

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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Sunday, September 11, 2005

   It's been awhile,gomen!!

Hi there!!

I haven't updated for a whole week..lol
T-TGomen*bows again*!!!!!!

I was too lazy..with school and all...
And last Thursday..I was starting to get sick..and in French class we watched a movie..And I almost fell asleep..not because the movie was boring,no it wasn't!!I felt so dizzy..@_@;;couldn't keep my head straight...

On the way back home,it rained..good thing I had my umbrella^___^d..a cheap one..so,I still got a lil wet...
I have a weak metabolism..ever since I was little..and I get sick easily..and fevers can be very dangerous for me...
Thursday night..when I was going to bed,I was so freakin' cold..I started shaking and I had like 3 blankets!I had a hard time breathing...I wanted to call my mom,but I couldn't get up..and I couldn't yell..my throat was so soar.

So on Friday morning,when I woke up..I was burning like hell!!!!!
I still kept shaking..I felt cold inside..weird...

But now,I'm a lil better..I still got a headache..but nothing serious^________^

I appologize if I didn't visit you for the past week..I tried to go as often as I could...

I would to thank my lil sis for taking such good care of me!
And my mom..was so motherly..and not scary..well,I think she's always motherly..just too over-reactive and hmm..a lil too paranoid..lol
But my mom's great^__^
And my dad's going back to the hospital this afternoon..T-T...

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Sunday, September 4, 2005


Hi there!!
How's your week-end so far?

WootWoot!!!The hospital allows my dad to come home for a day or 2..to relax and all^___________^

I was suppose to go shopping with my friend,but she has to go with her family..and I didn't want to butt in...^^;
Oh well,another time^^d

I still haven't had my P.E. class..everyone says the teacher I got is really cool..I saw him once..he scared me to death!!!!!He burst out of a class room and started singing...WTH???!!!o_O???Crazy person....>_>;;...but he seems very nice!^___^

Oh yes..I hate my Art teacher!!!!!!!!!
I had her for 2 years and now I'm stuck with a old crazed hobo!!!!-He dressed like a hobo and his mustache is like yellow..first,I thought it's because he smokes..but his fingers aren't yellow..he must had bleached it or maybe it's natural...
At first,I liked him..he talked about himself..I respected his point of view and values and such..but he says stuff and doesn't back it up!!!!!!!!!!!What a hypocrite!!!!!!!!!
He says he respects people..and then he was bad-mouthing others...God!!!!!!!!He's rude too...
And man,he loves to preech!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What comes out of his mouth is like crap...what a psycho!!

When taking the attendents,you have to put a check next to your name and if you're late,you have to write a "R"(for "retard" French for late)...He always "greets" at the door...so I said "Hi sir!" and he tells me and my friend to put a R next to our name!!!!!!!!!!WTF??!!!!!!!!!!!
We weren't even late the bell didn't even rang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Then he says that the bell doesn't work...
2 minutes after my friend and I sat down..guess what?The bell rings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Feh!!!
And then he had the nerves to say that he expects students to arrive 3 to 5 minutes before the bell as sign of respect...What a load of crap!!!!!!And god,the new class room is at the other side of the school!!!!!!!!!!
From my locker,I have to go to the second floor,cross to the other dorm called "Renaissance" and then take a stair case to go back down...Feh!!!!!!

Anyway..my computer was acting up lately..now,everythings fine!!!^________^I can open windows and programs!!

[Gundam SEED Destiny Phase 46:Song of Truth]
SPOILER!!!!!Well,for those who haven't seen this episode anyway..not much of a spoiler if you don't watch GSD..^^;
Wow!!!!!!!!What an episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here's are some screencaps(taken by me with RealPlayer version10)Click on the thumbnail to view larger pic!

It's great to see an epi. involving daily life..outside the battlefield...
Here you see are Lacus,Meyrin,Kira and Athrun going shopping..how cute!!!!!!!!

I knew Meer was going to die sooner or later(I would prefer later..but that would remind me of Flay's death..^^;
It's weird to see how Meer looked before her Lacus transformation...

Meer dies by saving her idol,Lacus-sama...

**Note:Meer is bad at English..Look!

Wonder where she got her red Haro who speaks in English..bad grammar...

Gomen for the long post*bows*

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