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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Nov|26th|o6 Salut!!!
Wow..O_O I'm actually updating XD
How are you all??

Thank you so much for commenting and for the warm welcome!! You guys are too kind!T^T

Happy Birthday Elyze!!!!
She's turning 18^^Here in Canada,she can now buy liquor! XP lol

I'll be going to work at 1:00 pm.So,before that,I'll be shopping with my friend Gen^.^
But I can't spend alot..need to keep some for XMas gifts and for me to buy Converse shoes and either Fei Lun Hai,F.I.R or Angela Aki album =)

Random:: ZOMFG!O_O Super Junior now has 13 members!!!Now,they match up with i-13!!! Hehehe,but some of the girls are way too young for these guys...O_O;
I have their U single,which isn't as catchy as Twins(Knock Out)...the cd case's width is like = to 2 cd cases..lol

Watching HanaKimi tai drama!!!! =3 Wu Zun & Jiro MOE! lol <--crazy fangirl..lol ^^;

Please take a look at my cover art for my doujin!!!Sankyuu!!!

With lots of <3,

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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Hello =)
It's been so long..lol Hope you are doing well^^
I didn't think I would post entries here again,but oh well..lol
Not even sure,ppl will visit..lol ^^;

So,as you can see,new layout! Featuring ARASHI =)
Dang,asian boy band are just to addictive XP
I added a very small mp3 section for you to download.It'll be rotated when I feel like uploading a new file >=)
So,scroll down! lol

College is coming along well...I'm just very lazy and such a procastinator! XD
I got my first job too^^It'll be 3 month soon.
And now,1 of my best friends works there too!!!How great is that? =)

Hmm...oh,my art has greatly improve^^
And my art site is coming along quite well..having already 20,000+ hits.
Thank you so much for visiting!!!
Though right now,it's on a short hiatus,just until I finish changing the layout..guess,I better switch to php...too lazy..

I think it's ThanksGiving in the US,huh?
So have a great one!!!
What are you thankful for?

Ok,now what else is new..hmm..still single...lost a little weight(not enough though lol XP),yet I still have a very healthy appetite!!

I can't wait fot the movie,BOYS LOVE to come out!!!!!!Cast of Tenimyu=hot!! lol

Oh,the manga,HanaKimi is now a live-action tai drama,starring Ella from S.H.E girl band as Mizuki,Chun from Fahrenheit(Fei lun hai) as Sano and Jiro also from Fei lun hai as Nakatsu!!!!!!

Good thing my dad understand Madarin,he'll be able to translate for me..so,he'll have to watch it too! >=) lol

Anywho,Have a stellar day!!!!!

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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Hello everyone!
How are you all doing??

My deepest apologies for not been as active on MyO as I should!!*bows*
Been busy with school and my art site^^

I'm working on a new site,it's a character shrine for Hirako Shinji!!*points avatar*

I wen to see X-Men 3:Last Stand...ZOMG!!!!!!O_O
Though as a Marvel fan since childhood,I have followed the X-Men franchise and saw & read many X-Men titles...I have to say,I was a bit disapointed...but all in all,a must-see movie!
Here's my critic fangirl-ish ranting:
Warning!!!SPOILERS UP AHEAD!!!!! Just highlight the text below to read^^
[SPOILER]ZOMFG!!!!Pyro is so hot!!!No pun intended^^; His battle with Iceman was pretty cool..I just really love him in the movie,even though Pyro went badboy^___^

Yay,Kitty has a bigger role now!

lmao When Warren(Angel,also known as Archangel) entered the scene,my friend and I were are like:"Wow!!!!O_O Shexxay!!!" lol Though,he didn't get much character developpment..

Also Callisto,Arclight and Psylocke are in the movie!!!You can see the rivalry between Callisto(leader of the Morlocks) and Storm.Though it was ever explain why they fight with each other...
When I saw Psylocke and Angel in the trailers,I though that there would be somekind of romantic interest between them..but no...Well,at least Callisto didn't get her hands on him and stripped Angle of his clothes...^^; If you read the comics,you know what I'm talking about...lol^^;
Quill is also in the movie,allies with the Brotherhood..though,they call him Kid Omega...Ppl,he is not Kid Omega!!
Why would they rename Quill,Kid Omega..it doesn't make any sense,since Quill is nowhere near Omega class-level(class 5 level mutant is the term use in the movie)

When Jean becomes the Phoenix it was pretty blah...there were not flaming Phoenix..T-T She's less psycho then she should have been...

At the end,I'm very happy for Rogue and Bobby^^

I'll stop my ranting here...^^;

Ahhh...I cried at the end..because,there won't be anymore sequels..But,it has been announce that if the 3rd sequel fairs very well,they might consider to make more...

Oh,don't forget to watch the ending credits all the way,there's a very important scene at the end...which implies that there might be a continuation of the movie franchise^^

Well,have a wonderful day!!!
Thank you for reading!
With love;
.::Keki óż

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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Hello there!!
How are you all doing??^^

Happy Mother's day to all your moms!!
It's midnight..lol..I'll be going to sleep soon and 8 hours later,I'll have to wake up and cook a nice breakfast for my mom^.^With my lil sister's help of course!I think I'll make pancakes..my specialty! lol Then,later on..we're going to take her shopping^^

My deepest apologies for neglecting MyO...I wasn't able to visit much...Gomen.*bows*T^T
I was busy with my art site..YATTA!one of affiliates offered to host my site!!Click:: Bostafu[dot]sth1d4(Something Wonderful)[dot]Net.Thank you so much Sophia,I love you!!!^__^ So,please do drop by if you have time to spare!!!Sankyuu!

O_O ZOMG!! At the end of the school year,there's always a award ceremony...I'm a nominee..in Best Student in Wed&Graphic Design!!! It's kinda weird..since I didn't even a single scholar certificate..none,nash,zip,nul!Hahahah,you must think I suck...well,I do.I'm not very studious(I hardly study or do HW,unless it's required)...nor ambitious about getting great marks..as long as I pass with atleast 60%,I'm more than satisfied! lol Yet,I have 82%(well,last time I checked) average^^ I never been to those award ceremonies...I'm really happy^.^So,it doesn't matter if I don't win in the end.=3
Though,I do feel a bit undeserving...since I am a real slacker..lol...but I must be doing something good to have received such a honor!!^///^

Well,wouldn't want to drag this post any longer..^^;

Have a wonderful day & take care!<3

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Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Oye minna-san!!!^.^*huggles*
Hope you're all doing well!Thank you for always visiting me^^Love you all T-T

Dang,yesterday first period was my Economics exam!!! WTF??o_O Since when??I didn't even had the chance to study..T-T Well,at least I pay attention in class and handed all my work^.^
Good news-for me!; My Math test is not until next week(maybe even the week after) since my teacher's comp crashed..Lucky me!^_~ I can still procrastinate!^_^d*YOSH!* lol

lol, during art class,when I walked in I saw all the tables and desks were all moved around..o_O So,I had to sit at the back...then my teacher told us to face the board and look at the bike..and I was like:"What the hell..???!!Where did that bike come from??!!!o_O" And this guy was like:"Didn't you noticed it when you walked in??..It's on top of the table..it's pretty hard to miss" -_-; He's right..my friends laughed..lol I'm so absent-minded XP So,the bike was for observation art...How ironic..I'm not a very observant person ..T^T*sigh* lol

Well,with that said..Ja ne and take care!!!<3

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Sunday, May 7, 2006

Hi there!!*waves*
Wow..I'm actually updating..O_O lmao
I hope your day is going well so far!!!^.^

Gah,the week-end is almost over...it went by so fast...T^T Though is was boring..lol^^;

I added a fanart..so,if you have time,please check it out^^Sankyuu*bows*!=3
New plug..my sister's pixel/adoption site- TuneTheRainbow!!XP You do remember Sweetrose,right??!
Have any you of checked out the Extra pop-up in my intro??I added a pic of my handwritting & desktop...

I need to buy sandals for Prom...and new tankoban(Bleach vol15,Furuba vol.17,Mankin vol.29,Nana vol.8)!!

My mom made me a pair of pants...and it's white!!White..it's so fatning..T-T..I'll have huge thighs..like a cow(my deepest apologies to cows everywhere!)...T^T..Well,actually I don't look that bad it them!!Which really surprised me.o_O lol

I think my math exam is this week..*sigh and cries*

Well,have a wonderful day & take care!*blows a kiss*Ja!

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Friday, May 5, 2006

Oye!Bonsoir my friends^^
It's been awhile..sumimasen*bows* Hopefuly,I'll be around more often^^;

Yesterday was my French written exam..counts for 50% of my school year...it went pretty well...

As you can see,new layout^^ I actually made a Div layout,but it ended up looking sloppy when I tried it on MyO..T-T
I played around with the coding for days..>_>;
So,screw that...went back to basic XP

So,I didn't want my pretty Shinji to go to waist..so I decided that I'll creat an fansite for this character! lol I always intended to make a Hisagi Shuuhei shrine..but I love Hirako-kun so much..Why? Because his hair looks alot like Yzak Jule's!!!! XP Yosh!^__^d

Today's the Children Festival (in Japan anyway & other parts of Asia..)!!! I love this festival^^At restaurants,there'll be small koi fish(carps) flags^.^

Random::I can't wait to play Dirge of Cerberus!!Yatta!!Yatta!

Well,love you all!Ja!

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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

   New Layout!^^

Hi there!!

I changed the layout yesterday..so some of you might have seen it already..^^;

Yet again,a very simple layout,so it will be must easier for those who have internet dial-up and such.Loads a lot faster!!(I hope...)

I got so much work to do for school...
-Build a site for my fav. music groupe,artist or athlete.
-Write a book report and make a sociogramm for French.
-LOTS of HW in Math.
-Same for English.

Argh...*long sigh*v.v

Well,have a nice day everyone!!!

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Friday, October 7, 2005


Bonjour minna-san!!!(lol,mixing French and romaji..^^;)

How's your day so far??
I got no school today^___^

***My friend Genevieve is back!!!!She was in France for 2 freakin' weeks..I missed her^___^

I got so much work to do...English HW,French book report...@_@;;

For Web design class,I have to make a litle shrine for an artist,band or athlete of my choice...I'm thinking of L'Arc~En~Ciel-One of my fav.J-Rock-or maybe Psycho Le Cemu..not sure...

So,the big Q?...Who's dressing up for Halloween???If you think that's childish..it is SO not!!!lol
I was thinking of cosplaying..but don't have the money..I prefer to save it for something more important later on..like my prom dresslol
Anyway,I want to dress up in 80*s clothing(like a cute,glamorous short gold dress with black boxer/sport boots or long boot-like converse)
And a few of my friends will dress up like that too..it will be so cool!

It's my last year in High School..might as well have fun!!^_~

With that said,I'll do my very best to visit as many sites as possible and see you later mes cheris!

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Tuesday, October 4, 2005


Hi there!!
It's been awhile...gomen!!*bows*
I hope you're doing great!
Cuz I am!!^____^*big grin*

Just got back from P.E.!
I wan't too enthusiatic about it,but I really had fun^^And now,I'm full of genki...-ness....o_O
Ok,I'm not hyper,just really energectic and cheerful!!..lol^^;
I got out 1 stop before my usual bus stop and walked...it was way too hot in the bus and it felt good!Usually,when I walk back home,my brother would always be ahead of me...really far ahead..I'm a slow walker^^;...I catched up to him^^Kudo*s to me!heheheh^^;

Anyway,I would like to apologize if I didn't get to your site for the last few days!*bows*

Have to catch up with my English HW....

A new layout will be up soon^^
A Gundam SEED Destiny layout...because last Friday was GSEED Destiny's season finaly!!!!!!
Can't wait til Febuary!!!GSD 40 min. OVA!

I'll visit you guys tonight!!!

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