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Saturday, February 3, 2007

my name!
Half of your problems will be go~ne

Only half??!!
lol XD How are you all doing??!!

I could have worked in the electronics department last Thursday..but I had school..T-T
It would have been so cool.Working at front cashes can be quite stressful sometimes.Crazy customers..>_>;

Does any of you watch Ugly Betty??It so good =D The editor-in-chef,Daniel Meade(played by Eric Mabius)..argh..he's such a womenizer!!!He makes out with like atleast 2 different girls per episode!! >=( Yet,there's something attractive about him,something really charming..
Gah,that pisses me off >_>;
That jerk!Sleeping with all those girls(,making me falling in love with him)...I hate him.-_-;

I can't wait for Naruto: Shippűden!!!Oh,and a fourth movie is schedule soon..

*sigh* I want to go shopping!!!!!!!!(>0<)
With that said,take care sweeties!Sankyuu for reading my post!♥

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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Hi there =)

How was your day??
Mine was pretty good =3 I only had P.E.-Badminton today.I suck badminton -__-;

My strong points(according to the teacher):
+ my form base is good;
+ my lob's are well perform (actually,he was impress that I knew how to do lobs ^0^ *cough*I played tennis all my life*coughs*);
+ I have quick reaction time;
+ I counter quickly and efficiently

My weak points:
- my serves sucked hell;
- and lacked power;
- my dropshots are too tennis-ish(again,he was surprise that I knew how to dropshot >=3 );
- my smash are weird >_>;
- I don't know how to count lol,I never understood how the points in Badmin. are calculated XD;

Gah!Did you guys know that the point system for badminton changed???!!I didn't!!!! >=/
But I actually understand how it works a bit..if I got it correctly..the points are calculated like in volleyball.WTH.

I changed my MP3 rotation.It features RURUTIA's Primery (album version).Her music is always oh so gorgeous.Scroll and download if you want,don't forget to read the requirements. =)
There's also a RURUTIA wallpaper that you can download.Just click on the thumbnail.Enjoy =3
Take care people =)óż

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Friday, January 26, 2007

Hello!!!! =3
Gow are you?!!!!Hope you're all doing well^.^

ZOMFG!! I just watched BLEACH ep.112.It rocked.
Shinji is so darn cool!!! XP I love his voice!!!
Hyori's so cute =0
Next episode will introduce Ulquiorra.He looks emo,yet masculin...>=)

I just bought BLEACH vol.19.It has color pages!!!In a tank˘bon!!! *grins widely*
I don't know where my volume 18 went!!!O_O;
Gen,did you borrowed it from me???Answer me Gen!!! >0<

Monday is fast approaching...I don't want that day to come!!!!!!! >=0 *cries* School!! Gah!!!
I had like a 1 month and 1/2 of vacation...I got used to life without school..and now,I'm terrified to go back..T-T
Why am I so scared???!! O_O;;

I got BoA's new full jap album;MADE IN TWENTY(20).I'm not a really big fan of BoA...After listening to Winter Love,I thought that the album would be good...but it was only a few tracks that were good-great..the others were blah.
The song Lady Galaxy reminds me of My Humps..Really.Was that a compliment? Answer: blah.
I'll might put it up for download..lol XD

Well,lots of love!Take care guys!!!

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Hi there tout le monde!!
Comment allez-vous??

I got my schedule =D Every day,except for Monday,I finish class around 1:00 pm!!!! But classes start at 8:00 am,so I have to wake up at 5:40 am at catch the bus at 6:22 am..T-T Gah! Hate the fact that it takes me about 1.5 hour to get to college -__-;;
I have like 1 class per day!!!But each cours is like 4 freakin' hours long!!!!!
I have a short attention span people! The teachers will lose me after 2 hrs!! You have been warned,teachers! >=(
lol I think I'll be fine...^^

I'm listening to lots Rurutia songs these days.I love her haunting childish whispers,her poetic lyrics,the dark,yet elegant aura that surrounds her.Whens she goes all rockish..wow!!!
But I'm a sucker to well compose ballads!!! >=)
She may not be a power house,but she has this dramatic tone in her voice...beautiful.Simply stellar.

Ok,you don't have to read this part
I'm in what I call my Golden Week of Hell.*coughs* period *caughs* O_O;;
So,right now,I bite harder than I bark.
Gah!Cramps..really hurt..

If you're wondering why Sexy Back keeps playing the same part over..it's one of my ringtons lol^^;

Anywho..I'll seen you all later^^ Thanks for reading.Have a good day =3

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Allo tout le monde =)

Damn,je travaille seulement 10.5 heures cette semaine...je sens que le paycheck n'va pas être gros..*sigh* V.V

I changed the layout around a bit =)
I also finally changed the mp3 download.Give it a try if you want^^I chose to feature Miyavi goodness!!!
Miyavi has cool tattoos!!Guys with nice tattous are such a turn on!!! lol =3

I'm tired these days...It's too cold outside to do some activities.College Winter session is coming soon,so I don't want to spend money(school supplies are so expensive T-T).So,I can't go shopping.My mom doesn't want me to hang out with friends too much..
I'm here,inside.Doing nothing.And that is so tiresome.Strange.

Yet,at the same time...I enjoy doing nothing.Drawing when the inspiration comes,reading from time to time,watching tv or whatever..No stress.Doing things at my own pace.It feels blissful =)
But why am I tired...maybe what I'm feeling it isn't fatigue.?? But,what to you call this feeling?? Depression lol XD Madness is more likely!! >=D lol

lol it sounds like a load of crap >__>;

I'll go to sleep now =3
Maybe,I'll sound less like a lunatic when I'll wake up in 8 hours.

Until then,thank you for reading.Have a wonderful day! =)

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Bringing s e x y back!W00t!
Anywho,how are you doing??

I uploaded a new wallpaper & fanart.Please check them out when you have time =3

My best friend's bday is coming soon!!She'll be turning 18!!In Canada,she'll be able to buy liquor!!! lol I'll say that everytime a friend will turn 18 this year!!! XP

I changed my layout.As you can see. Some idiot stole my Arashi layout..jerk..-__-; But he/she just change the images..
I reported it to the host,so everything should be fine now...
I knew it was my coding..I coded it in XHTML.But since it was like 2:00 am so there were lots of mistakes.The person had the same coding mistakes..hmm,yeah..>_>;

I just saw 19sai PV by Shuga Shikao.It was pretty cool.Not recommanded for kids nor for immature people ^^;

I have loads of PM to go through.Most of them are MP3 rotation request..Please be patient with me,I'll reply as soon as I can. Note that I do not take request.I just upload music that I like.Hopefully,it will make people discover new music.That's all =3
Funny..I get PMs from ppl I don't even know...o_O

Well,that's pretty much..sorry if the post is too long.
Take care.Have a good day =)

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Friday, January 12, 2007

Jan|12th|o7 Hi there!
I'm so tired these days..V.V
Hope you are all doing well^^

I finally updated my art site!!*pats her back*
I changed the layout and added new pics =3
I tried to code my pages in php,but I think Sophia's server doesn't support it..or maybe I just coded it worng..-__-;

Real & Shexxay Real & Shexxay Real & Shexxay Real & Shexxay Real & Shexxay Real & Shexxay Real & Shexxay Real & Shexxay Real & Shexxay Real & Shexxay

So,how's the new so far??^_^

I need to go to school to check out my grades..since I failed like 3 classes(actually,I just canceled those classes,but it was too late to make it official,so I just didn't attend those^^;) last semester..it's like blackmail..I have to show up and sign some crap papers.If not,I won't get my schedule..T-T Oh well..

Than after that,my friends and I are going to China Town^^

YATTA!!!!!BLEACH fillers finally ended!!But they weren't that bad..actually,it was quite interesting^^
I love Shinji's voice!!! =3 He's definately one of my fav charac.!!

I can't wait for Fantastic 4 II:The Rise of the Silver Surfer!!!!OMFG!!!The Silver Surfer!! I wonder if Nova is in the movie too...

I'll see you guys soon^^
Take care!

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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Hope you are all doing great!!
I'll chekc out your sites soon!!

I apologies to those you took the time to visit my blog but wasn't able to comment.
Cus Haloscan's server went down,so no link >_>;

Anywho,about my last post...

So,to sum it up:
-I got winked my a naked guy;
-got chased around by a guy in a Santa suit,cus he wanted me to sit on his lap;
-got whistled by a co-worker;
-need to shop gor Gen's xmas present;
-need to do essay
-Johnny boys' are so addictive.

I won't go into all the details..lol

@ Sophia lol No,I'm not popular.I love anime/manga & bishies..so to most westerners,I'm dorky,a geek..*gasp* an otaku!! O_O;;
I sometime walk around in a Naruto tee during gym class..well,guys find that cute...o_O
And at work,I sometimes wear my Konoha headband..but dang,kids sure think I'm cool!! XD

But yeah,I should make those boys pay!!>=) lol

We had another nude model,this time it was a women...but gawd,she had no boobs...that's no fun to draw!! T^T lol I sound like a perv!! XP
But seriously,she was pretty dull..she was skinny,no curves at all..but she had smooth lines and her poses were graceful =) She had afro-like red hair!!That was cool to draw..though,I wanted to draw long flowy hair...=(

I need to buy some new accessories..my outfits now look pretty dull...
I want Converse shoes!!!Please Santa!!!I've been good!!!! T^T I'll bake you cookies if you bring me black Converse shoes!!!

This Saturday,my aunt is throwing a Church XMas party..>_<;
Don't want to go...
Have you ever seen asian adults play Mahjong?? They're so scary,they get so into it...don't get me started when they play Si Kuu..*shivers*
Asian gathering = the dreaded karaoke!!!*gasp*No!!!
Since it's a church party..it means we'll proably watch a Mandarin,Khmer or Cantonese dubbed Passion of the Christ or somehting..or does my aunt only show horribly dubbed Jesus movies at Easter?? I'm not fluent in Cantonese...
Since it's for XMas,there'll probably be a Creche play played by my cousins and my parents' friends' children...>_>;
Thank kami-sama,I'm too old now for that!!!!^^;

Well,atleast the food will be heavenly good!!! >=) lol I only go just for the food!!! XP

See you!!
Take care!

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Monday, December 11, 2006

W00t!I'm posting!
How are you??

Hectic week!!!My first college session is almost over...I think I'm failing 4 classes...T-T
But that's ok =) Really^^ I have all the time I need to retake those courses next fall..so that's good^^

Last Tuesday,we had a nude male model in Observation art class...
I was absent the week before,there was also a nude male model..but he was muscular..
The one I had wasn't...so muscular..but he wasn't fat..
lol,I'm so shallow! XP
But he was fun to draw,since he had more curves...I find curves fun to draw..that sounds so wrong.. XP Maybe that's why I enjoy drawing girls more.

He was..hmm..funny.
For the first pose,he slapped his left behind and pointed the guy/student in front of him..lol XP
I had a back view of that..so when he slapped his butt..it was kinda like jello...>_>;
And for the last pose,he turned around,winked at me and sat,legs completely spread apart in front of me!!!!And on top of that,he kept smirking at me!!! o_O
Sorry buddy,mais tu as aucune chance! XP

It was my first time drawing a male in the nude...funny,I thought it would be weird for me and that I would get shy or something...
But no,I was completely unfased...lol I'm too use to seeing naked guys,so now,it has so effect on me!

At school,some student are tryong to raise money.So you can take a picture with Santa!! lol But the guy dressed up as Santa was annoying...He saw passed by and shouted:"Hey!You're cute!!Why don't you come here and sit on my lap?!!"
I said no,so he got up at kept following me and asking me to sit on his lap!! @_@;; Crazy person!!!

Last Friday or Thursday..or maybe Saturday..>_>; can't remember...
Anyway..it was during work.I lef the cash register to put back the juice the customer didn't want anymore.My shirt that was under my polo uniform was too high up for my taste,so I lift my polo up so I can pull my shirt down..and then one of my co-workers whistled at me.
I gave him this wtf look --> o_O
I turned around and was like: What the??You should be ashamed.-__-;
And he said:"Why?I'm a guy and your a cute girl,what's wrong with that??"
Well,he's a good friend,so I know he was joking around ^__^;
So,it's a good thing is a friend and a cute guy or else I would have beaten him up...>=)
My friend Gen keeps saying that he has a crush on me...but that's doubtful
lol,I'm just that cynical! XP

People think that I'm this cute,timid,clumsy,quiet girl who can't even hurt a fly...but I find myself pretty cynical..
So,who's the real me??Both views are quite opposites.Just because I am me,does it mean I'm person who knows me best??Or is it the person/ppl who I love the most??
To be honest,I think it's the latter.Because,it's to those precious people who I will give my best of everything.

Agree or disagree??

Christmas is approaching fast..I'm almost done with gift shopping.All I'm missing is Gen's gift.Since it's pretty expansive,my best friend,Mary and I decided to spit the money and buy it together^^ I think we'll go to Montreal Chinatown (there's lots of Jap,korean,tai and khmer stores.So,there's a Sanrio shop ^^)together to get the present this Wednesday =)

Need to do my Philosophy essay and not procastinate..O_O

My post is so long!! XP
So,to sum it up:
-I got winked my a naked guy;
-got chased around by a guy in a Santa suit,cus he wanted me to sit on his lap;
-got whistled by a co-worker;
-need to shop gor Gen's xmas present;
-need to do essay
-Johnny boys' are so addictive.

What's with all this??Why to I attract weirdos??!Well,my co-work. isn't a weirdo..he doesn't count,cus I think he's just fooling around.

Take care sweeties!!
With <3,

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Monday, November 27, 2006

Nov|27th|o6 Bonjour!!!
ZOMFG!!!=0 I'm updating again..3 times in a row!W00t!What's up with me?o_O lol
Lucky,lucky,lucky.You're so luckyyyyy~!!! XP

[EDIT]ZOMFG!!!!O_O the last chapter of Fruits Basket is out!!!!!Just read it..There's 52 pages intead of the usual ~30!!!
Gosh,I cried!!!!!It was so beautiful!!! ^____^
Thank you for this lovely series/precious gem,Takaya-sensei!
Every character looked so happy.And just that made my day =) I'm so happy for them!!After all the pain & suffering..the sun finally shine gloriously on them!!I know they're fictional characters..I can't help it!!^^;

Would you like me to change the mp3 rotation??
Any request?

MUST DO ALL HOMEWORKS AND PROJECTS..O_O Why do I always procastinate..never learn,do I?

So I went shopping yesterday^^ Bought myself a black with white polkadots shirt for like $5!!
My friend went straight to the clearance sections of every store!! XP Gawd,we're so cheap!!! I even manage to buy my mom's xmas present!=)
I saw black converse shoes for like $39.99!!!! O_O but I didn't buy it,I need to get my mom's permission first^^;
I tried this cute sweat shirt..it's light purple with a dark shade of purple cherries on it!!! XD
So adorable and it looked good on me too...Next time,I'll buy it! >=)For sure!!! lol
We shopped so much that we were almost late for work...lol Good thing Zellers was just close by!!

Speaking of Zellerz..it was so hectic!!!!Chaotic even!!Just after 30 min. into work and I almost went crazy!O_O

I got a shot on Saturday...T^T I tried my best to look all cool and unfased..Hahaha,I wanted to cry..so afraid...XD I absolutely hate needles..doctors are scary...T^T

Dang,I should have bought a skirt..but than again,my knees and legs are full of scars & bruises..do to P.E. and my clumziness...it won't look good...
But I should be proud of my bruises!! >=0 Since,I WAS ABLE TO SCORE MAJOR POINTS FOR THE TEAM!!! lol >=)

Warning!!! Since my site is now off hiatus,I'll be spaming like crazy..
Ahem..V.V here we go--╗╗
real&shexxay real&shexxay real&shexxay real&shexxay real&shexxay real&shexxay real&shexxay real&shexxay real&shexxay real&shexxay real&shexxay real&shexxay real&shexxay real&shexxay real&shexxay

with lots of <3,
&; Keki

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