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Monday, March 28, 2005

YAY!NO SCHOOL TODAY!!!!And you know what that mean...you got it!*DANCE AROUND LIKE A MONKEY*

I'm still working on my manga...I've only done 3 pages^_^;
Here a drawing of Ayame Sohma!!!
I'm also born under the year of the snake!!!Tough,I'm the complete opposite of Aya-kun...

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Sunday, March 27, 2005

   Happy Easter Day!!!

This morning,I went to church...it was weird,there was this guitarist...he sang and people clapped along the song with him...it was weird...so weird...

So,how was your day?
My friend,Élyze came to my house to do our English essay together,it was really fun!It was her first time visiting.My printer ran out of ink,so I wanted to E-mail the essay to myself and print it at school,but it didn't work...I HATE YOU COMPUTER...Oops,I didn't mean that!!!*hugs computer*

Momiji is so kawaii!!!

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Saturday, March 26, 2005

   YAY!My mom just bought me CHOCOLATE!!Hehehe,I sound like a kid...

Here's the translation of the poem featured on the background:

I've lost all hope,
But you gave it back to me,
It feels like a victory,
But you disapeared,

Faith has,yet again flew away,
It came into our lives,
It has softhen us with it's naivety and tenderness,
Little by little,our nightmares are disapearing,

Tomorrow,we can finally dream
And at last, we can be free
Snow* will no longer represent my heart
And now,I can only hope I can find happiness once again

*''glace'' means ice,but Hatori's heart is suppose to be compared to snow...^_^

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I appoligize for those of you who weren't able to read my posts very well,because of the color...I didn't have time to change the font color.I'm really sorry for that.
And please,feel free to comment your opinion about anything!!!!If you have any problem,please let me know!I'll do my best^_^!

I just watched Shaman King this morning...I JUST LOVE FAUST'S ENGLISH VOICE!!!It's creepy,yet kind and gentle and that is so Faust!!...whoa,I just said something positive about a 4KIDS dub show...That's a first^.^!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I had problems with the Yzak wallpaper...I WANT MY YZAK BACK!!!!
I had to go get another wallpaper...I happen to stumble upon the first Hatori wallpaper that I've seen!So I had to put it!!...though,the poem written on it is in French.If you guys want a translation just tell me,I'm be glad to translate it!

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   You guys are probably tired of this...again:New Look!

Here it comes...just wait fot it....MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!(Evil laugh)

I wanted to put fanlisting codes,but that didn't worked out as I planed...

I wanted a background of Yzak.He's my fav. Gundam Seed boy!!!!!!
IF anyone here knows where I can find a wallpaper of the Creuset team(Athrun,Yzak,Dearka,Nicol)or of Andrew Bartfeld(Tiger of the Desert),please tell me!!!!

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Friday, March 25, 2005


Tonight,InuYasha the movie is on,even though I've seen it already(1 and 2,I want to see 3 and 4)...
Which title(the dub or the original) do you guys like better:
-(Original)The Love that Transite Time
-(dub)Affections Touching Accross Time
I like them both...

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MWAHAHAHAHA...gomen,I got nothing esle^_^;

Yay,they let me out of prison...eh,I mean s-c-h-o-o-l.

I'm thinking of changing my domain again...YES,I KNOW.I CHANGE IT A LOT.I think it's because I have an unstable mind...
I kinda want to put icons of fanlisting that I've join...there's a lot of them...

Here's a pic og Haine Westenfluss from GundamSeedDestiny.He's going to die soon,just like Miguel...its is destiny...just like most of T.M.Revolution's character that he played.I ABSOLUTLY LIVE T.M.R.^_^*glance at his pic on my desk and drool*
Image hosted by TinyPic.com

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Thursday, March 24, 2005

YAY!NO SCHOOL TOMORROW!!!!And you know what that mean...you got it!*DANCE AROUND LIKE A MONKEY*

I finished all my exams!!!!Yay!2 weeks without exams...only 2 weeks?...^_^;
The art project I'm doing with Miharu-san is looking pretty good!It's a white and black tree and we'll gonna make a little Sesshomaru to sit on a root or maybe Rin...

What Does Your Guardian Angel Look Like::guys and girls:: by angel_drifter
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What Your Angel Looks Like:
Why Has Your Angel Been Guarding You:they are there to save you from a doomed death
How Long Have You Been Guarded(years):3
Quiz created with MemeGen!

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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

   Eh...sorry,don't have an idea for a title...^_^;

Today's my bros'B-Day...so,yeah.
Happy B-Day bros...
He's 17 now...sorry for the lack of enthusiasme...he didn't even want us to sing him Happy Birthday...THAT CREEP!I wanted to sing...

Hehehehe,teachers went on strike this morning...they canceled class!
Last week when the students went on a stike,it's because of those danm politicians,who else!!They were supposed to put the 103 millions$$$$$ on scolarships for college,but instead they put it in the loan scholarships!!!They're such idiots!!!Those baka!!!!!That means when the students get out of college,they'll have $20 000 to $25 000 of debt instead of only $12 000 or so.
But that's not the reason why the teachers went stike though...and who's the cause of this?You got it,those danm politicians!!!!!

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Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Bad news,I failed my Math test,the teacher said that I losed most of my points,coz of the 5 question THAT I DIDN'T HAVE TIME TO DO,COZ HE DIDN'T LET US!!!!!!
But,I'm still happy though,it's over!Got to look on the bright side of thing,if I can past my final with 60%,I can still go to Advasnce Math class...As if!!!!

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