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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Nishika Nori Post

I finally gave into my friends and read the Twilight series, though it is totally awesome and Jasper rocks... I regret reading them. Now all I want are the movies to come out and it is KILLER. So much anticipation is tearing me apart! But aside from that I am a freshman in High School!

High School is awesome. I've already made so many new friends and a couple of crushs sshhh! Well Tyler, we haven't talked in the past two years but he was like my best friend in 2nd grade. Now he smokes pot and is everything I hate. But hasn't stopped me from developing some kind of crush feeling towards him. Being a teenager sucks sometimes.

Also all of my teachers rock except for Mrs. Evans, UGG. She's a freakin psychopath! She just LUVS algebra! I'm supposed to be in geometery... but I didn't want to be a nerd so I took Algebra again. And I met two awesome new guys! Another Cody and Eli! Cody is super shy and it is so cute! Eli is hot but super perverted. Oh well... I don't really give a crap. But so many girls in our grade like him so I don't have a chance in heaven to date him. (Did you like my little joke? Instead of a chance in hell I said a chance in o forget it.)

And I finally branched out. I'm making friends with Juniors and Seniors, they rock. And we already have plans for Halloween. We're going to get a tire and a cat. Shove the cat in the tire light it on fire and roll it don't my street. Then we're going to get a bunch of rats from the sewers, light them on fire and release them on route 96. I love hanging out with my friends!

Bye Bye!

Nishika Nori

She loves ya! Well... I LOVE YA


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